Police: On the Bright Side, This Probably Won’t Lead to Rioting in the Streets

Police: On the Bright Side, This Probably Won’t Lead to Rioting in the Streets

If you’re like Calico, you find yourself disturbed by the ongoing unrest in American cities right now — both the incidents of police misconduct and brutality that have led to the unrest and the way peaceful protests occasionally morph into riots and escalating confrontation.

It all makes Calico long for news of… well, “lighter” stories of police misconduct of the sort that she has gleefully poked fun at over the years. There’s nothing funny about police brutality, after all — but cops getting in trouble over their office betting pools, or making brief appearances in online spanking videos? That’s a whole other story.

This is why Calico is so pleased to find an unlikely new source of potential fodder for her posts, one seemingly replete with sexting detectives and officers who think their precinct station is their own personal sex crib.

What sort of misconduct have these Bobbies been up to lately? Is there any explanation other than having a foot fetish when a cop takes pictures of his coworker’s feet without her permission? What the hell does “a breach of conduct in relation to courtesy” mean, anyway? You may not find the answers to any of these questions, but you could still get a chuckle from Calico’s latest post, “On the Bright Side, it Probably Won’t Lead to Rioting in the Streets”

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by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Riotous Porn For Women

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It seems like everywhere I turn these days, there’s some new example of police misconduct that has come to light and news of protests and occasional full-blown riots as people take to the streets to express their collective outrage.

And then there’s the persistent problem of governments stalling and stonewalling when it comes to even acknowledging the misconduct they found in their own investigations, which only makes the public more skeptical when those same governments defend the actions of their police departments when cops are falsely accused, or when complaints omit crucial context that explains the actions taken by police.

Terrible Potential Book Name: “The Lighter Side of Police Misconduct”

All this makes me pine for a ‘lighter’ (for lack of a better term) story of police misconduct. You know, the sort of naughty-but-not-reviling stuff like making a cameo in a porn video, or playing the role of the department’s resident bookie during football season.

It is in that spirit today that I say thank goodness – and the internet – for UK cops.

“A police disciplinary tribunal is to hear claims a sergeant had sex with junior colleagues in police stations while on duty,” reports The Guardian. “Adam Reed, a former police sergeant with South Wales police, is also facing disciplinary charges over allegedly secretly taking photos of a female colleague’s feet.”

OK – the taking pictures of her feet without permission part is totally not cool, but where I come from it’s a metaphorical step up, if literal step down, from shooting an upskirt picture, at least.

The Guardian further reports that Reed is “said to have engaged in sexual activity with PC Jemma Dicks, as well as with a community support officer, and is due to answer to three alleged breaches of conduct next week in relation to authority, respect and courtesy, duties and responsibilities, and discreditable conduct.”

It Didn’t Take Columbo to Crack This Case

Better than the Guardian’s reporting is the report from the South Wales police it is based on. Among other things, I love the “no shit, Sherlock?” moment that comes at the closing of the following paragraph:

“Whilst this officer was sitting in his office addressing that matter he used his mobile telephone to take a number of photographs of her feet,” the report states. “He did so covertly and without her consent. He has since disclosed that he did so because he has a foot fetish.”

Really? He took surreptitious photos of a colleague’s feet because he has a foot fetish? Well, there goes my pet theory that he was assembling informational pamphlets for use in podiatry offices as a side hustle to his cop gig!

Watch This Space

Speaking of the South Wales police and its public misconduct hearing notices, I’m going to bookmark this page – because if the current entries are any indication, it could turn out to be the gift that keeps giving when it comes to finding fodder for my future posts!

First, there’s Timothy Hunt, who is facing 13 allegations of “Discreditable Conduct and Confidentiality which have arisen following his behaviour when on duty, sending a photograph of a sexual nature to another person and misuse of police computer systems.”

And then there’s David Meller, whose hearing results have been published. In his case, Melle was “alleged to have hugged a female colleague in Lakeside Police station, Swansea and without invitation or consent deliberately unclipped her bra strap.”

The good news for Meller is the panel “found allegations that the officer had unclipped the officer’s bra strap and then boasted about it to be not proven.” On the other hand, it was proven that Meller “put his arm around the female colleague who was junior in rank and with whom he had a long friendship and ‘as a giggle’ pinged or twanged her bra strap.” 

Yeah, that’s a shitty thing to do, not at all funny and deserving of reprimand… but at least there probably won’t be riots in the streets of Glamorgan over it. In 2020 terms, that’s something, anyway.

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