Maybe Stormy's Lawyer Should Threaten To Sue John Travolta Too, Just In Case

Maybe Stormy’s Lawyer Should Threaten To Sue John Travolta Too, Just In Case: No matter what area of law they involve, lawsuits can always get complicated. Heck, sometimes the plaintiff doesn’t even know whom to sue at the outset of the case. In Calico’s view, Stormy Daniels‘ attorney Michael Avenatti may be about to confront such a dilemma — without even realizing it.

john travolta

Sure, on the surface, it seems like Avenatti’s vague threat to sue a certain irascible, conservative Hollywood actor is a straightforward thing. But what if that actor isn’t who he appears to be? What if, in threatening to sue James Woods, Avenatti is about to “face off” with the wrong man?

Read all about it in Calico’s latest post: “Maybe Stormy’s Lawyer Should Threaten To Sue John Travolta Too, Just In Case”


by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

There aren’t too many areas in life in which I can claim to be deeply learned, let alone areas in which I consider myself an “expert.”

One such area, admittedly trivial though it may be, is the fictional trope of character-swapping – be it achieved by a transfer of the character’s soul, an exchange of social position between two characters, a sudden shift in a character’s perceived age, or some other manner of transformation.

Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels

It’s this area of expertise which leads me to caution Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels (while making quite a TV-name for himself in the process), that as he ponders initiating yet another lawsuit, he should be careful to include all the potential defendants, not just the most obvious one.

Hollywood Loves A Good Reboot

First, some background here. While Donald Trump was overseas being trolled with, among other things, a giant balloon depicting him as a large, diaper-clad baby, actor, national treasure-hunter, alleged Hollywood “blacklisting” victim and generally highly-excitable Trump supporter James Woods tweeted a picture of Avenatti which he captioned with the line: “Oh, look. The real, diapered hot air balloon…”

Avenatti, demonstrating he’s not above letting loose with juvenile, Trump-like comebacks, responded with a tweet of his own aimed at “Has Been Jimbo” – in which he claimed multiple women have approached him (Avenatti) seeking representation and describing Woods’ “harassment/assault of them.”

On its face, this is just a twitter feud between two men with massive egos, thin skin and way too much time on their hands, or just another example of how divisive political rhetoric has become.

What if it’s more than that, though? What if it’s a twitter feud between three men with big egos, thin skin and way too much time on their hands – or, more to the point, an exchange which doesn’t involve the two men we believe it does?

After all, Hollywood loves a good reboot, so we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the possibility this so-called “James Wood” is really John Travolta in a technology-provided disguise.

In other words: “Weeee! What a predicament!”

Admittedly, This Might Be A Hard Complaint To Write…

Granted, I’m not an attorney, so I’m not sure how one goes about drafting a lawsuit which suggests to the court that the putative defendant may not be the actual defendant, because the actual defendant is the putative defendant’s arch enemy, who has somehow donned the putative defendant’s face.

Still I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in the vast annals of American jurisprudence. There must be, somewhere, a case which is on-point.

Perhaps a 13 years-old Jenna Rink once sued to try to get out of a contract signed by her 30 years-old self, for example? Or maybe one of Tess Coleman’s clients sued her, and Tess escaped liability by persuading the court her daughter Anna was responsible, but can’t be sued because she’s a minor?

It’s possible, if Woods/Travolta has access to a time machine, he/they will simply travel several years into the future before responding to Avenatti’s lawsuit, then argue the statute of limitations has expired. In anticipation of this maneuver, I’d advise Avenatti to retain for his legal team the services of someone qualified to enforce the law and seek justice across epochs. I’m speaking, of course, of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Look, I’m just throwing ideas out there. This whole case has the potential to be so contorted, tangled and overlapping in its issues, even an off-screen narrator voiced by Morgan Freeman couldn’t summarize it in a voiceover.

As such, when it comes to crafting the actual complaint in this complex, difficult case, Avenatti would be wise to consult with an attorney who is experienced in the body/character-swap area of law – like Roger Cobb.

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