Irrational Auction Bid Price, or Clear Evidence of McTrafficking?

Irrational Auction Bid Price, or Clear Evidence of McTrafficking?

While she’s no connoisseur of the genre, Calico has spent enough time around paranoiacs in her life to have been exposed to a great many conspiracy theories, starting with those surrounding the Kennedy assassination and the lunar landing when she was but a youngster.

Maybe it just comes down to it being easier to spread and promote a conspiracy theory in the Internet Age, but sometimes Calico thinks conspiracy theories have become dumber and more implausible over the years. It’s one thing to believe in a “second shooter,” but quite another to believe that Wayfair is using overpriced armoires to smuggle sex slaves around the country, in other words.

Just when she thought these human trafficking-based conspiracy theories couldn’t possibly get any dumber, the internet has once again proven Calico wrong, demonstrating that for QAnon believers and TikTok truthers, there’s no claim too absurd to believe, so long as it confirms their worst fears about people they don’t like.

What’s the latest human and/or sex trafficking conspiracy to land on Calico’s radar? Do people think the food item involved is symbolic of people, or do they think it’s made from people? Could shape-shifting aliens be involved? Is there anything in which shape-shifting aliens are NOT involved?

Read on — if you dare — and ‘do your own research’ by reading Calico’s latest post: “Irrational Auction Bid Price, or Clear Evidence of McTrafficking?” 

-by Calico Rudasill, Porn Movies For Women and Couples

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sex trafficking chicken mcnugget
This is what happens when a months-old story about a BTS-McDonald’s collaboration — and the rare Among Us-shaped nugget it spawned — gets picked up by the far right.

When I was a kid (and yes, as my niece enjoys pointing out, that was a long time ago) conspiracy theories were relatively few and far between – at least in my experience. 

Maybe other parts of the world were chockablock with conspiracy theories back then, but in southern Arizona, the only ones I heard discussed with any frequency were the ones surrounding the assassination of JFK and the notion that the moon landing was faked.

Maybe JFK Was Secretly Flown to the Moon?

I never had much to say in these conversations, mostly because I didn’t know enough about either event to be able to weigh in with anything useful or interesting to add. In listening to all the back and forth of other people talking about these things, I eventually concluded that while I thought the “official explanation” of the Kennedy assassination made more sense than the alternative explanations I’d heard, I didn’t think it was entirely irrational to doubt that explanation. 

The moon landing thing on the other hand, I felt had been so thoroughly debunked that it required effort, maybe even pathological levels of denial, to believe any of the conspiracy theories made more sense than the claim we had, in fact, landed on the moon.

They’re Offering Cheese on a Pizza? It MUST Be Sex Trafficking!

These days, many of the conspiracy theories I encounter involve human trafficking and/or sex trafficking in some way. The other feature these theories have in common is… hmm. How to put this gently? The other feature these theories have in common is that they’re dumber than the premise of Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Take the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, for example. Even if you didn’t find this one frightfully stupid when it first emerged, by the time a crazed gunman went into the place demanding access to a pizza restaurant’s basement, only to find out the basement doesn’t exist, I like to think you’d have given up believing in Pizzagate. (While the gunman peacefully surrendered after determining there was no evidence that Pizzagate was real, he has since been sentenced a very real prison term.)

Later, there was the “Wayfair is selling and smuggling kids” theory, which interestingly – or even amazingly, I would say, given how common it is to add ‘gate’ to any alleged scandal – nobody appears to have dubbed “Wayfairgate.”

McDonalds to Wayfair: Hold My $100,000 Beer

While the attention being paid to it by relatively sane folks has waned, the core of the Wayfair conspiracy theory is alive and well – and evidently, is now being applied to just about any situation in which someone is selling stuff online at what appears to be an inflated price.

The latest of these overpriced internet items which is alleged to be related to human trafficking? Why, it’s a chicken McNugget from a limited-edition McDonalds promotional meal, of course!

As Rolling Stone reports, the nugget in question is “shaped like a ‘crewmate’ from the multiplayer online game Among Us” that was “auctioned off on eBay for nearly $100,000.” 

The story of the egregiously overpriced clump of machine-formed chicken-like meat product was picked up by various media outlets, “largely by citing it as an example of the absurdity of the meme economy.”

Naturally, this massive clue wasn’t missed by members of the QAnon community, one of whom posted a video to TikTok saying that she thinks “there’s a little bit of human trafficking going on here.”

My Theory: The McRib is Made from Soylent Green

“This needs to go viral and something needs to happen here, because something is a little bit off,” the QAnon theorist added, per Rolling Stone. “Literally, a ‘rare’ ‘nugget,’ $14,000? This is fishy.”

If by “fishy” she means she suspects that McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish are made from the same substance, then I can get on board with that theory. It would be consistent with a longstanding hypothesis once offered by the great Steve Martin, after all.

I can understand thinking it’s crazy that a McNugget would sell for tens of thousands of dollars – but why would you conclude the sale price has something to do with child trafficking? Either way, I’d hate to hear what these people would make of Marizio Cattelan’s banana!

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