How To Revive A Stale Sex Life

 How To Revive A Stale Sex Life

Nothing in life lasts forever, even mind-blowing, life-changing sex. We’re not suggesting it’s impossible to reignite the flame once the original spark has died. However, with hectic job schedules, children, and general life turmoil, it may be difficult to keep things as romantic as they were at the start of your relationship. As the energy within your relationship diminishes, so does the sex; therefore, it’s critical to discover methods to focus and spice up your enjoyment as a couple. Read on to find out more. 

Stale Sex Life

Use Toys

There are many misconceptions about sex toys, but the truth is that they can be used to enhance your sex life in many ways, whether you’re in a relationship, enjoy casual encounters, or prefer to be by yourself.  

Although they may take some getting used to, bringing sex toys into a relationship can make sex much more exciting and something to look forward to rather than something that can easily fall into a boring routine or even get forgotten entirely. 

Make Time For Sex 

Sex doesn’t always have to be spontaneous. In fact, if you’re waiting for spontaneity and it’s been a long day at work or with the kids, that may never happen. People are tired, and no matter how much you might enjoy the act, the idea of getting started is just too much to deal with. 

One of the most common issues that many couples encounter is wanting sex to be as spontaneous and passionate as it was when they first met, but with busy schedules, childcare, and feeling exhausted, expecting it to come spontaneously may be too much to ask. This is why having a schedule is best. You might not always stick to it, you might deviate from it on occasion, but if you’ve carved out some time to be together and you can do so without any pressure, this can be the ideal way to bring back some intimacy to your relationship. 

Share Fantasies 

Sometimes the problem is that sex can become very ‘samey’ over time. Always the same position, always the same person initiating proceedings, always the same routine. For some, this is comforting and exactly what they want. For others, it takes away the spark and makes even this enjoyable act boring. 

To spice things up, why not share your fantasies with one another? You might talk about a role play you’ve always wanted to try, or what you want to have whispered in your ear at the right moment, or anything else – there are millions of different variations. You might not be able to – or actually want to – act on these fantasies, but talking about them can be highly erotic and could be the catalyst for a great night. 

For the ultra-adventurous among you, you may want to consider jumping on to the recent bangwagon of cuckolding or threesomes. In Germany this has become particularly popular over the past few years, with some websites advertising escorts who openly promote this as a service. 

Vary The Sex 

In the same vein as the above point, it’s good to vary the kind of sex you have. Some nights – or days – it can be loving and gentle. At other times, it can be fast and passionate. Sometimes you might only touch one another and not have sex at all. Other times toys might be involved. Choose from a variety of positions. Make it different each time, and the spark will reignite. 

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