Fun Facts About Sex Toys You May Not Know…

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Sex toys have always been a fun and intriguing topic. Since the release of Fifty Shades Of Gray when sex sort of became okay in our popular culture, vibrators, in particular have begun to pop up in such unexpected stores as Walmart and Brookstone airport gift shops (ALWAY labeled as “personal massagers – wink-wink, nod-nod).

Here is a great comedy skit from Comedy Central that takes a peek at this very phenomena!

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hysteria vibrator movie
From The Film, “Hysteria” – May I Polish Your Sex Gadget, Doctor?

The first electrical vibrator weighed 40 pounds, and required two people to operate…and was made for ‘crazy’ women. It was invented by a British M.D who used the vibrations to bring women to orgasm, which he believed cured ‘female hysteria’. And after a few years, the take home versions were invented.


roll of money
Sex Toy Always A Bull Market!

Money might be short, but that won’t stop us ladies from having fun. During the recession, sex toys still sold at their pre-recession rate, and sales were always consistant. They’ve even been going up! In 2009, mid-recession, some sex toy companies were even reporting 20% profit gains where they remain to this date. Well, if we can’t eat out…


cute bunny with tongue
Two Ears and A Tongue – A Winning Combination For A Vibrator!

Ever wondered why the famous ‘Rabbit’ vibrator was shaped like a rabbit? Well, it’s for legal reasons. In Japan, there is a law against sex toys which resemble penises, so the company instead chose a rabbit shape. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the link, but it’s been a sell out toy, and even made it on to Sex and The City, so it can’t be too offputting!


woman orgasm
Basking In The Warm Afterglow

While women used to be shy about vibrators, and one in five owned one, new studies have shown that the figure in now one in two. Meaning if you haven’t jumped on the sex toy bandwagon yet, your best friend probably has. And what are you waiting for?!


scared man
Is That A Strap-on In Your Trousers, Honey, Or Are you Just Glad to See Me?

Women admitted that their biggest sex toy fear was how their man would react, but it looks like we are worrying over nothing. 81% of women say they regularly use sex toys with their man, and men seem happy as long as it isn’t a direct replacement for them. So, bite the bullet and give it a try…it might lead to the best sex ever! (They are also great for exploring Kinky Sex!)


valentines day sex toys
Oh, Sweetie! You Bought Me A Vibrator. Best Valentines Day EVER!

Fed up with overpriced chocolates or garage flowers for Valentines Day? Well, so is everyone else! Recent years have shown that more people are making sexy purchases during February, and studies show both men and women plan to sex up Valentines Day instead of the usual romance. It could be a perfect time to introduce toys if you haven’t already…


barrels of sex lube
The Key: Lots And Lots Of Lube!

What do you think the best selling toy is? Most people guess the vibrator, but lube is actually outselling all sex toys, and has been for some time. Whether it’s because it’s great for massages, because it makes sex easier or because it’s more likely to lead to an orgasm (or just because it tingles/is heated) couples everywhere are taking lube to bed, and loving it. I would have guessed vibrators too!

Now that sex toys aren’t such a taboo, we should definitely learn more about them. From what to do to what to buy, it’s no longer unacceptable to visit a sex shop, and if you are feeling shy there is always online! Have you heard a sex toy secret? I’d love to hear it!


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