Erotic Literature: Why it’s Becoming Bigger

Erotic Literature: Why it’s Becoming Bigger

By Jack Dawkins, from The Porn Dude

If you look at the progression of the Internet and computer technology over the last few years, it should be pretty obvious that we’ve come to a point where you can get your hands on porn that has an objective video quality that rivals that of most Blu-ray productions. It might interest you to know that the original sites offering up video entertainment were actually in the adult entertainment industry. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a niche that has done more for the development of the Internet than porn.

With that in mind, why are we talking about erotic literature? The funny thing about being a writer is that I understand how mediums of consumption for certain topics are better done through video: I watch porn myself, even though I write erotic literature. That said, I know that there’s a market for my job, and I think I’ve finally worked out why that is.

erotic fiction book coverOne of the major problems with porn is that the suspension of disbelief is hard as videos require very little imagination. You don’t have to imagine what the room looks like, what he or she looks like, how dark the light is, or how colorful the sheets may be – it’s given to you. As technology increases, the demand for our brains to produce pictures in our own mind is greatly reduced. That’s not a bad thing in the case of movies, but what about porn?

Part of the issue with enjoying porn is that you want to actually feel like you’re there. That isn’t the case with a lot of our types of cinema: you go to enjoy and watch a story. So naturally, when you start to have these ultra-high definition videos with 3D sounds, you start to limit the requirement of your brain to produce these feelings internally. For porn users, this can actually be pretty annoying. Erotic literature, thankfully, provides us with a solution to this problem.

When I write erotic stories, I do so in a very deliberate fashion. I keep descriptions as simple as possible: blue eyes, blonde hair and an hourglass frame. Now what someone takes from that short description of a character is entirely up to them. I give them a rough idea of what’s going on, but the blanks can be filled in by the reader. Sure, I’m not going to give an objective account of facts that are devoid of emotion or suggestion, but I’m also not going to spend 2,000 words explaining the context of a room that porn videos can do in a single frame.

Because of this, it makes a lot easier for you, the reader, to imagine yourself in that scenario. Anyone can wax lyrical about 50 Shades of Grey and how it doesn’t fit a proper narrative of dominant and submissive relationships, etc. etc. – but what one cannot escape from is the popularity of the story. My hypothesis for why it’s so popular? The description of the female character in the story is pretty much non-existent. If you have the book handy, I encourage you to reread a few pages to see what I mean. Put yourself in the book: it’s so easy to do, because the writer – either through unskilled ignorance or deliberate practice – gives very little information that could invalidate your claim about being the central character.

Put simply, erotic literature is becoming bigger than ever because sex is much better when you’re there. There’s nothing wrong with porn videos, but if you want a better “bang for your buck”, reading something as opposed to watching something is a much better way to experience sexual emotions. Plus it’s “cultured”, right? Telling your friends you watch porn might be a little on the uncivilized side of things, but no one could ever accuse you of being seedy simply by reading naughty stories.

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