Covid Ribbed – and Disinfected – For Her Pleasure?

Covid Ribbed – and Disinfected – For Her Pleasure?

Most of the time, when you buy a product, I’ll bet you don’t put much thought into questions like “I wonder what other products this company might make?” or “Are Thompson’s Prostate Manager Capsules made by the same company that manufactures Thompson’s Water Seal?” or “Is the lubricant on these Durex condoms really Lysol?”

But maybe you should ask those questions, because with the diversity of products offered by single companies being as broad as it is, you just never know when a multinational energy company you’ve been boycotting over its terrible environmental record is also behind your favorite brand of barbecue potato chips, for example.

Calico has been thinking a lot (arguably, too much) about this sort thing after finding out two well-known brands in very different markets are manufactured by the same company. And while she’s not suggesting this fact is necessarily a bad thing, she is saying nobody should point it out to the current President of the United States.

What are the brands at issue? Should you try injecting, drinking or smoking either product? Does anybody like performing fellatio on a penis wrapped in a disinfected-flavored prophylactic? These and other important questions probably are not answered in Calico’s latest post “Ribbed – and Disinfected – For Her Pleasure?”, but you should check it out anyway. 

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by Calico Rudasill, Porn Movies for Women

If you’re old enough to have spent far too much time watching television back in the 90s (as I did), you might remember ads from the company BASF, the basic gist of which was: “At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy; we make a lot of the products you buy better.”

While I still don’t know anything of substance about what BASF does, I do remember those ads, which suggests to me that while the ads didn’t clear up much about the company, they did work from a ‘brand awareness’ standpoint. 

Those ads also got me wondering about a related phenomenon: Companies that have their fingers in a lot of different pies, without many consumers being aware of the company behind the curtain, so to speak – a topic that is suddenly back on my mind, due to certain recent news reports.

Make Lysol, Not Love?

What got me thinking about single companies behind multiple well-known brands was finding out that the Reckitt Benckiser Group, which makes Lysol, is also the manufacturer of Durex condoms.

This diversity of disinfected product offerings appears to be serving RBG (no, not that “RBG”) well during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – because it turns out if they made and sold just condoms, they might not be reporting a big overall jump in sales.

Laxman Narasimhan, the CEO of RBG, says the pandemic (and lockdowns associated with it) have led to a reduced demand for condoms.

“What you see is this virus is having a toll on the number of intimate occasions in the UK,” Narasimhan said, according to The Guardian, adding that young people in the UK are having “significantly” less sex during the disinfected lockdown in the region.

Luckily for Narasimhan and RBG, the opposite can be said of the demand for Lysol – which appears to have just driven the company to have its best first quarter of any year in recent memory.

“To give you one example: In the coming month of May — in one month — we’ll produce all the sanitizers we produced in 2019, for the whole year,” Narasimhan said on a recent conference call, according to the Houston Chronicle.

How Often Does a Company Implore You to NOT Use its Products?

While it’s hard to project whether demand for Lysol and other hygiene products made by RBG will remain high in the future, Narasimhan seems to hope the pandemic sales uptick will have a long tail to it, as consumers get in the habit of dousing their possessions in disinfectants.

“As consumers operate in this kind of environment, over time, behaviors become quite ingrained,” Narasimhan said. “Our expectation is that there’s a reinforcement of the idea of hygiene being the foundation of health.”

Nothing wrong with that hope – especially given the fact that the company has already showed it is at least responsible enough avoid the appearance of trying to cash in on potentially dangerous ideas about how to use its products to combat the coronavirus.

After a certain American elected official suggested (sarcastically, he later claimed) that disinfectants might be used internally to combat the virus, RBG put out a statement saying “under no circumstance” should disinfectants be administered into the human body, whether by injection, ingestion or any other means some loudmouthed jackass might offhandedly suggest during a nationally televised briefing.

Immunity Schmimmunity – I’m Still Not Sucking It

Speaking of leaders saying ill-advised things based on their fragmentary understanding of facts which have been presented to them, I have a request for everyone who knows that RBG manufactures both Lysol and Durex condoms: Please, for the love of God, don’t tell Donald Trump that fact.

If Trump were to learn about Lysol and Durex being made by the same people, he might take it as confirmation that Lysol can be ‘injected’ into the body without harm – or worse yet, he might suggest that giving a blowjob to someone who happens to be wearing a Lysol-soaked “Perfomax Intense” at the time will render the fellator in question immune to COVID-19.

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