Coronavirus Tips For Sexually Active Dating Singles 

Coronavirus Tips For Sexually Active Dating Singles 

The Corona Virus is everywhere, literally and figuratively. Turn on the news, watch for a few minutes and you’re certain to hear about the coronavirus. Head to a major news website, and again, Coronavirus, or COVID-19, will dominate the headlines. Everyone, from your neighbors to the leaders of major countries are talking about the Coronavirus.

First, let’s talk about the Coronavirus. Its official name is Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, for short. Many people simply refer to it as Coronavirus. Keep in mind, however, that Coronavirus is actually a common family of viruses. In fact, Coronaviruses are one of the main causes of the common cold.

For those of us looking to hook up, the coronavirus is a natural concern. The coronavirus can spread through droplets of saliva and through the air. Even a drunken kiss could be enough to spread the bug.

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Just How Serious is COVID-19?

Is the sky falling? Have we reached the end of days? Nah. That’s an overreaction. You don’t have to cancel your vacations, quit your job, and go live in a bunker. You don’t have to delete Tinder or ignore your friends (including those with benefits) either. 

Generally speaking, the Coronavirus is far more serious a threat for senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems or who are already suffering from another illness. Many healthy adults will experience symptoms similar to a bad head cold. Some will be bed ridden for a few days but fully recover.

I don’t want to understate the coronavirus, it’s a serious health concern. But there are standard precautions you can take to help you to continue to enjoy a social life, even if it’s just with you and your favorite friend.

COVID-19 does seem to respond to some viral treatments. This is good news and will help many people recover. Viruses can be tough to treat, however. Antibiotics are useless against viruses (they treat bacteria). So far, there is also no vaccine for COVID-19, although experts are racing to develop one.

Medical professionals do believe that a vaccine could eventually become available. However, it looks like it’ll take several months, if not a year or more, for a vaccine to be developed. In the meantime, people need to be careful and do what they can to minimize their chances of contracting the Coronavirus.

How Should Sexually Active People Deal With COVID-19?

So how about swingers, hookups, escorts and generally sexually active people? COVID-19 is serious enough that you should take some extra precautions. Hopefully, you’re already having safe sex, but with COVID-19 normal safe sex protections won’t be enough.

So far, there’s no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted sexually. However, when you’re getting down and dirty, you’re going to be in close contact with at least one other person. And if you’re in close proximity to someone who is showing symptoms it can greatly increase your chances of contracting it. Precautions must be observed at all times.

First, if you’re suffering from a serious underlying condition, such as HIV, it’s a wise idea to exercise extra precaution. Staying at home and limiting your social interactions is smart. Avoiding crowded bars, public transportation, stores, and more is also smart. And yeah, you might want to only hookup with people you know or through places you can trust.

Right now, many experts are suggesting social distancing. While it’s especially important for people with serious underlying conditions or who lack access to affordable healthcare to exercise social distancing, everyone can benefit from this practice.

If you have regular hookup buddies, you need to talk to them about their habits. Maybe you don’t want to snoop, but your health is important. When asking, make sure you let them know your primary concern is the coronavirus.

What Should I Do During a Lockdown?

Some countries and regions have started to initiate “lockdowns”, shutting down cafes, bars, and the like. Authorities won’t make this decision lightly. A lockdown will basically shut down the local economy and could even push a country into a recession. If authorities are taking such drastic measures, it’s probably because the situation is serious.

At this point, the coronavirus is likely spreading through your local community. It’s not a bad idea to buy a few weeks worth of basic supplies, including non-perishable foods (soup, for example), water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and the like. Staying inside and avoiding social gatherings is advisable.

If you don’t want to isolate yourself completely, stick to small groups or bunk up with a friend with benefits that you know is also taking precautions. The fewer people you come into contact with, the better, but this Coronavirus mess doesn’t mean you have to play alone.

Most importantly, talk to your doctor about this issue, or a reputable telemedicine service

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