An Orgasm, Is An Orgasm…That’s the Question!

I came across yet another brilliant article while browsing! Here you’ll learn in detail the different levels of the female orgasm and some erotic advice on how to achieve these different types of orgasms!

Orgasms are wonderful and exhilarating, but are they really all the same? First comes the build up, then the tension, the joy, and the release. This occurrence happens all the time, so can one call it all the same? We can rate and scale the gasm, or we can link it to a magnificent experience. Some of us actually sit and ponder about such things. So, let’s see what we’ve got.

Level I: The infamous fake orgasm. Though many women have argued that a fake orgasm is often “counterproductive”, sometimes we find it necessary. No one likes to admit it, but all of us have found ourselves in a position where we would just like intercourse to end. Whether it’s a less skilled, but eager individual that won’t give it up until they think they have pleased us, or we are just too damn tired to continue. This is definitely the “black sheep” of the orgasm family, the one no one wants to talk about. So, we will move on.

Level II: The Shudder. We are excited; sensations are building and building, until finally we get that lovely tingle inside our pelvic walls. Our man feels that little squeeze as “a job well done”. Everyone is happy, or ready for more. This is a mild but happy little feeling just below our bellies. Let’s try that again!

Level III: The Great Shudder. This is a stronger more powerful spasm within the walls, which takes our breath away, and rocks the whole body. We feel this strongly in our center, and some times up through our faces, or down to our toes. Many times this great quake may push our men over the edge into their own climax. We give ourselves a little “high five” to ourselves, to remind us that we are truly hot irresistible creatures!

Level IV: The Presentation of Product. The spray. The spray is the geyser of love juice, physical evidence to our guy that he has hit the nail right on the head. This may or may not feel as intense as the great shudder, and may embarrass some women. This occurrence has lead some women into conversation with their mothers or doctors, as they wonder whether or not there might be something wrong with them. I personally wondered where exactly the product came from, or what it was made of. It took several years of human anatomy, along with long conversations with embarrassed professors to get a straight answer. The best answer that I was able to get, was that it came from the inner lining/skin of the vagina. These membranes have sudoriferous glands that release these “secretions” when stimulated to do so

Sublevel IV: Increased Amounts of Product. This is the wet spot that doesn’t quit. Will I ever stop? From seemingly out of nowhere, it just keeps going, and going. Where will I sleep? I have saturated my resting place! This level renders us exhausted and literally drained! Men feel like they are truly “THE MAN”! After all, they have totally emptied us and wonder if there is some sort of trophy they may receive for such a performance. They may seem distracted as they are putting together a title for themselves like “The Rain Maker”, or “The Great Gushby”.

Level V: The Great Shudder with Product. The Mecca, or the Holy Grail of orgasms. We are thoroughly sated. We may need to rest after such an experience. Sometimes women will find a strange surge of energy that baffles our partners. Suddenly, energy is mustered up to clean the whole house at once, or run ten miles. On other occasions we may be able to think of something extremely mindful. Finally, we collapse from sheer exhaustion. We are spent.

Level VI: The Final Level. This is the point of no return. Yes ladies, we have now reached “the multiples”. We are somehow able to cum over and over again, and at times we wonder if we will actually ever stop. Some of the more inquisitive will continue this process, and try to test to see how many times they can reach climax, before wearing themselves out completely. It’s funny how it is almost like listening to a thunderstorm. “Oh, there’s a big one, that was kind of mild, here we go again, that one took me by surprise…”

So we’ve identified that there are varying levels. But would we still label them all the same? First the tension, then the climax, wash, rinse, and repeat. Perhaps it’s the experience itself where lies the difference. The experience could be true love for the first time, for the next time, or for the last. It could be wild passion from a place that you didn’t even know existed. Maybe it is the rediscovery of a long absence, or newfound realization. There is so much more than a skilled hand that brings us to total pleasure. It gets much deeper than just the physical. Also involved are the emotional, the spiritual, and the mental components.

Emotion is a large part of an orgasm for both women, as well as men. It becomes obvious for the men, as they just cannot perform if they aren’t feeling right inside. Many times if a man goes to a doctor with performance problems, they are sent home after being told that it is “all in their head”, that they need to discover what is bothering them, or holding them back. Now that the pharmaceutical industry has exploded, many doctors will hand them a bottle of Viagra and say, “that otta do it!”. Most men have difficulty getting to orgasm, or even erect if they feel that their partner is dissatisfied with them in any way, or if they are under an enormous amount of pressure.

Women will have a hard time reaching orgasm, or even getting wet, if they are not emotionally in the right place. This is why many women don’t even experience orgasm until they are older. Many young women lack the confidence to really let go, and just enjoy. They are concerned with what their body looks like, how they smell, what noises they should or should not be making, if they are pleasing their partner, what the motives of the partner may be, if there will be a next time with this partner, what they need to do so that there is a next time, and so on. How could anyone possibly experience passion while being consumed with such turmoil? We older women wish we could have our young bodies back, but we would never give up what we have gained in our minds!

Of course, spirituality comes into play. Otherwise, there would be no yelling of “Oh God”! Regardless of what a person’s belief system is in the spiritual sense, everyone can experience that unexplainable “feeling” of something. Some may call it energy, others may consider it Gods work, some mistake it for love, whatever it is, it is certainly THERE! Most are satisfied with terming as the “connection” a couple feels when they are together. You can feel it by just a touch, holding hands, a kiss, a hug, or unbridled passion while making love. It’s that wonderful “draw” that pulls us together and makes us feel “right”.

Finally, we take the “mental” picture. Does intelligence turn us on? Does it also matter how bright someone is, as well as how good-looking they are? Admittedly, there are some folks of lower self esteem that actually prefer to be with someone dumb and willing. A greater number of us get totally turned on by a male or female with intellect, wittiness, and a great sense of humor. We like to be with someone that we feel are our equals, or someone that is beyond us, that may be able to help us to grow in some way. I have met some brawny, hot looking men, that I just could not get attracted to because I was unable to engage in meaningful conversation. Many have expressed similar situations.

So there we have it, the mind, the body, the soul, the heart, every ingredient for an orgasm. When a component is lacking, we sometimes try to fill it with a manufactured component, like ambiance, porn, change of atmosphere, or element of excitement. All in all, we do whatever it takes to get ourselves to where we want to go. To get that wonderful spasmic feeling, that provides us with joyous release. This is the magical place of the magnificent orgasm!

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