7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Vajayjay

7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Vajayjay

By C.J. Edwards, at Kinkly.com

With as much pleasure as they give us, it’s a little surprising that our vulvas don’t have a tad more pizzazz. Sure, they’re cute and interesting in their own way, but women tend to like to pretty things up a bit – even if many men don’t give a hoot what the downstairs looks like. (Hey, they’re just happy to be invited to visit.) Even so, a little update can definitely make you feel different and sexier. Here are seven ways to give your hoo-ha a little makeover – and give your lover an unexpected surprise.

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Style It
Styling your pubic hair is one of the quickest ways to make a big change down there. Instead of styling it with the same old landing strip, get creative. Give your lover a thrill and shave or wax your pubic hair into a fun shape, like a lightning bolt or heart. If you’re really feeling creative, you can even style your pubic hair into his or her initials. You can have this done professionally, but you can also easily do it with do-it-yourself stenciling kits. (Learn more in Full Frontal: Waxing Your Vajayjay.)

Bedazzle It
is just as it sounds – bedazzling for your vagina. Getting your vagina vajazzled involves getting several crystals glued to your pubic area. This is usually done after shaving or waxing. Your local salon may offer this service, but you can also purchase do-it-yourself vajazzling kits that are as easy as peeling and sticking. They come in a variety of different pre-made designs, but you can also purchase individual crystals to create a custom design.

Bejewel It
Vaginal jewelry is a great way to add a little bling to your lady bits, but piercing is painful and can even be dangerous. Non-piercing vaginal jewelry, however, offers a safe and painless way to bejewel your vagina. This type of vaginal jewelry comes in the form of clit clips as well as clip-on vaginal jewelry that can be clamped onto the outer labia. Because this jewelry is also often designed to brush up against sensitive areas, it is not only aesthetically appealing, but can be sexually stimulating as well.

Tattoo It
No, vaginal tattooing – or vattooing – doesn’t have to be painful. Not if you get a fake one, that is. Vattooing is one of the newest ways to pretty up your lady bits. It involves painting a design on the pubic mound with the help of a stencil. Of course, if you don’t have the cash to spring for a salon visit or can’t find one that offers this service, you can always vattoo yourself for next to nothing with the help of a temporary tattoo.

Color It
While using regular hair color down there is a big no-no, there’s good news for those of you who want to dye your pubic hair. Specially formulated pubic hair dye is now available and, because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like regular hair dye, pubic hair dye is much less likely to irritate or burn this delicate area. This dye is available in a rainbow of different colors, including natural colors, like brown and auburn, as well as funkier colors, like bright pink, blue, purple, red and green.

“Merk” It
In the world of vaginal adornment, the merkin is one of the oldest options. Although these pubic wigs were originally used to hide the evidence of venereal diseases, today they are used to add a little flair down there. Merkins can be natural looking to replace your own short and curlies, or fun and vibrant. Colored faux fur, fox fur, and even feathers are used to make merkins, and they can be shaped into a number of different designs. Merkins can be worn by attaching them to flesh colored g-strings, or by attaching them directly to the skin with a special adhesive.

Keep it Simple
Vaginal adornment is all fine and dandy if you want to add a little spice to your love life, but lingerie is one of the simplest ways to adorn your lady bits. Whether you go crotchless or classic, little else is as visually stimulating and erotic as a simple pair of sexy undies. (Read more in The Lingerie of Our Lives: Why We’re Fascinated With Underclothes.)

Of course, you could always go au-naturale and learn to love your lady bits as they are. Chances are, your partner already does.

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