7 Incredible Toys Perfect for Closing Out Your Year with a Bang

It’s been a long, hot summer for sure, but now that those balmy, sunny days are officially drawing to a close for another year, it’s time to enjoy the transition in style. We personally can’t think of any better way to bring our summers to a beautiful close than with powerful orgasms and plenty of them. If you agree, you might want to consider making one or more of the following luxury toys from FemmeFunn part of your plans. Which one will you be adding to your pleasure chest first?

femmefunn sex toys

Don’t simply assume that because the days are getting shorter that amazing workouts can’t be part of your plans anymore. Make staying on tops of your Kegels in preparation for making cooler fall nights more fun with the amazing Momenta. Not only does it deliver all the benefits associated with a standard set of Kegel balls, but it brings some serious stimulation to the table as well. The Momenta includes a powerful multi-mode vibration function, a wireless control mechanism, and a delicious rattling feature to heighten your pleasure.

The right vibrating bullet is unparalleled when it comes to sizzling ways to get creative with your pleasure. Newer to the FemmeFunn catalog, the Booster Bullet is the most powerful bullet on the market, so prepare to be amazed. Experiment with 20 different vibrations modes, as well as a powerful boost button to send you (or your partner) over the edge with some gusto. The Booster Bullet is also waterproof, flexible, portable, and discreet, so it will have no problem blending into your naughtiest end of summer adventures, wherever they may take you.

FemmeFunn is famous for empowering women by putting some of the most innovative, effective sex toys on the market firmly into their capable hands, and the Pirouette is an amazing example of what the company’s designs are all about. An artfully designed non-phallic shaft joins forces with a classic rabbit-style tickler — ideal for chasing the powerful blended orgasms you crave most. The Pirouette features eight powerful vibration modes, a boost button, and 360-degree turbo technology to boot. Like many of the items in the FemmeFunn catalog, the Pirouette comes in gorgeous, juicy colors that are perfect for summer fun as well.



One look at the Diamond Wand and it’s easy to see why it’s one of FemmeFunn’s all-time bestsellers. It’s everything you like about a versatile, powerful wand massager in a sexy, compact package you’ll love experimenting with on every level. A textured shaft and tapered tip make the Diamond Wand ideal for enjoying multiple types of stimulation. Twenty-one different vibration modes, a memory function, and superior flexibility make it a great fit for just about any sexy little adventure you may have on your agenda for the evening. Enjoy it at home, take it into the tub with you, or toss it in your purse on your way to your lover’s house for delicious pleasure you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Do you positively swear by your trusty classic wand massager? Ready for an upgrade that will be everything you already love, only better? Try FemmeFunn’s new Ultra Wand on for size. It’s a colorful, sculpted take on a classic wand design that really turns up the dial on power with ten different vibration modes and a handy boost button for adding extra oomph right when you need it most. It’s also ultra-flexible and waterproof, so it makes it easy to play exactly the way you want to play. Use it to jazz up end-of-summer nights at home alone, or rock your partner’s world the next time they come over for a sleepover.

Do you love the power and innovation of FemmeFunn’s signature toys, but prefer a design that’s as lifelike as possible? You’ll definitely dig the Wireless Turbo Baller from their celebrated Vortex collection. It’s sculpted in delicious detail, the better to mimic the look and feel of the real thing, only better. A veiny shaft, lifelike head, and ball-shaped base make sure your every nerve ending is beautifully awakened, while eight powerful vibration modes and turbo button take all the guesswork out of having as many orgasms as you like.

Whether you’re new to anal stimulation or an absolute beginner who’s eager to get started, you’ll love what the Funn Plug does for your intimate play, either on your own or with a partner. An accessible, comfortable shape is as safe as it is pleasurable, so you can enjoy your Funn Plug however you like, included during lovemaking or extended wear scenarios. Twenty different vibration modes and an easy one-touch button design ensures you’ll have plenty of different sensations to explore as well. Try it and see for yourself!

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