5 Jaw Dropping Sex Scandals That Brought Conservatives to Their Knees

How the Mighty Do Fall – 5 Jaw Dropping Sex Scandals That Brought Conservatives to Their Knees

by Laura at School Of Squirt

The Far Right Conservative base has provided plenty of examples of this. With the current political circus going on, I thought it would be a great idea to take a look back at a few of the best sex scandals that highlight the old adage about people in glass houses throwing rocks.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned sex scandal!
Nothing beats a good old fashioned sex scandal!

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Roy Ashburn – From Anti-Gay to Out of the Closet

Roy Ashburn Sex Scandal
Roy Ashburn

For more than 20 years, conservative Roy Ashburn made it his goal to vote against every piece of legislation he could when it concerned helping or protecting the LGBT community. As a state representative for the 18th district in California, Ashburn voted against everything from recognizing out of state same-sex marriages to the creation of Harvey Milk Day, a holiday meant to recognize and commemorate the legacy of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California.

All that changed, however, when Ashburn was pulled over in 2010 for suspicion of drunk driving. The Senator was reportedly seen leaving Faces, which is a well-known gay nightclub. He also had an unidentified male passenger and Ashburn was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.14%, nearly twice the legal limit in California.

News of the circumstances surrounding his arrest forced the senator to come clean about his drinking and his sexuality. He came out as being gay on a radio talk show shortly after his arrest. He left public office and vowed never to run again. In later interviews he admitted his hardline stance on LGBT rights was born out of fear. “I was so petrified by my secret, paralyzed,” he told reporter Patt Morrison. Ashburn went on to explain “I did not want in any way for my secret to be revealed if I were to speak on a bill or show any interest in the subject matter. I cast votes that deprived gay people of their rudimentary rights and I am truly sorry.”


Larry Craig – I’m Innocent! Well, Actually …

Larry Craig Sex Scandal
Larry Craig

When conservatives want to get on their high horse they often run to the topic of marriage. They claim they want to preserve “the sanctity of marriage” and that extending those rights is somehow lessening that importance. Larry Craig took exactly that stand on several occasions, supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004 and 2006 then acting as co-sponsor again in 2008. This came as a bit of a double standard since he was arrested in 2007 as part of a sting operation targeting men frequenting an airport restroom looking for sex.

Initially, Craig claimed he was innocent but then entered a guilty plea and declared he would retire from the senate. Less than a week later, Craig changed his mind, insisted he would finish his term and attempted to have his guilty plea overturned. Today he’s a consultant in New York and focuses on energy issues instead of moral platitudes.


The Duggar Family – Do As We Say, Not As We Do

duggars family sex scandal
Meet The Duggar Family

In 2015 the Duggar family went from reality TV sensation to downfallen in an instant. When it was revealed their son had been molesting his sisters, the Duggars closed ranks while one-time supporters – including presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee – cut ties. In addition to being rocked by the scandal itself, it was revealed the Duggars knew about the molestation and had still participated in activities aimed to judge and demonize others. Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the family, had recorded robocalls for a local political team regarding transgender rights. IN the call she claims a local ordinance protecting transgendered people would allow “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls”.



Philip Giordano – Mayor .. And Molester

Philip Giordano Sex Scanda
Philip Giordano

Philip Giordano is the former mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut. During an FBI investigation regarding municipal corruption, it was revealed that Giordano had been in an ongoing relationship with a prostitute and her 10-year-old niece as well as her own 8-year-old daughter.

Phone records and pictures tied Giordano to the three women and he was arrested in 2001. He was ultimately convicted of 14 counts ranging from arranging for sexual contact with children to violating the civil rights of the two underage girls. He was sentenced to 37 years in prison and is set to be released in 2033.









Jimmy Swaggart – The Showman Conservative Who Started it All

Jimmy Swaggart sex scandal
Jimmy Swaggart

No list like this would be complete without including the granddaddy of all conservative sex scandals – the downfall of Jimmy Swaggart. Swaggart was never a politician, but he wielded more power and influence than many of the people on this list. Swaggart began as a preacher and by the mid-1980s he was first national religious celebrity. His daily evangelical telecast was transmitted by over 250 stations nationwide.

Swaggart’s brand of religion called for absolute devotion, conservative family values, moral integrity and plenty of tithing from his flock. Over the course of his career, Swaggart built up an income of over $150 million a year from donations.  Swaggart didn’t stick to religion either. He rose to fame – along with fellow hypocrite Jerry Falwell – as a friend and supporter of the Right Wing Conservative party. He was also eager to denounce anyone who didn’t fit into his own mold of moral righteousness. A hobby which eventually became his undoing.

In 1986 Swaggart outed fellow evangelist Marvin Gorman as having had several affairs. The accusation and eventual scandal ruined Gorman’s career and the former evangelist set his sights on the man who exposed him. Gorman and his son staked out a motel frequented by Swaggart and eventually landed plenty of evidence proving the evangelical showman had been engaging prostitutes on a regular basis.

In 1988, Swaggart had no choice but to finally come clean to his flock. In an infamous speech he declared “I have sinned” in front of his national audience with tears streaming down his face. His audience wasn’t buying, however, and Swaggart’s biggest legacy remains his fall from grace. In 1991, the disgraced evangelist was caught with another prostitute though this time, no one was surprised.

This article was written by Laura who runs School Of Squirt where she helps men and women get their diploma in a wild sex life.

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