12 Car Sex Tips That Won't Get You Injured Or Arrested

Sex in the car breaks the monotony of having it behind closed doors enclosed in a four walled room, it is more adventurous and exciting. Safe car sex means not getting slapped with a public indecency fine or having to be a laughing stock from the public audience which is an embarrassment. To ensure this does not happen to you choose your location wisely keeping in mind your comfortability and most importantly your reputation.

sex in car

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Stop your car at a less public place

sex in carThe most essential thing that you should do before you can even start sex touching your spouse in your car is to have it stationed. Even a blowjob in a car in motion would cause a fatal accident. You should, therefore, pull up, preferably at a place away from the street, nearly immediately you embark on sexual moods. A deserted place would make the sexual act seem less exposed to public hence make it look less offensive. In such places, there are no people to whom the sexual action would be said to have been exposed to in a law court. Moreover, it is rare to find police patrolling in isolated places. You better have the control of holding your fluid within you until you arrive at such place.

Car size.

If your car has a large boot space, you can have the safest car sex in it. It is rare for someone outside the car to note a sex activity from the car boot, provided that you make no voice.  A big car boot space will allow you enjoy a variety of sex styles in it; Ranging from normal style to doggy style.  The larger the space in which you have sex, the less are the chances of either of you to get injured during the course.

Leather seats.

Sex in the car is never gentle, the friction involved might lead to you to getting leather burns and so you should spread a piece of cloth or a towel to avoid the burns, in that case, you don’t have to suffer from the leather burn injuries.

Seat belts.

Make good use of your car seat belts, have your man seat on the passenger’s seat. Order him to lift his hands up tie them on the head rest then use a scarf or anything you have around to blindfold him. Make all your moves on him, tease him and stroke all his sensitive areas. Go down on him and give him a mind blowing blowjob.


Use the sunroof to give your man a chance to work on you. Place your legs beside his hips and make sure your upper body is out. This will allow your man to go oral on you.

Make him your horse.

With your man on the passenger’s seat, adjust the seat, go wild on him lick him from top to bottom stroke his chest. Grab his shaft and gently stroke it up and down, slowly caress his testicles and when he least expects cowgirl on him, have it with different rhythms. Have it go deep then change it to shallow and keep interchanging in a way he won’t be able to predict what’s next, this will make him go wild.

Too fast too furious.

Kneel on the passenger’s seat and have him behind you kneel on the seat for a doggie style. This will enhance the level of penetration. In this position, it is easier to go deeper and faster leading to both of you climaxing.

Lap trance                    

Move back the driver’s seat to the furthest it can have your man sit on it then sit on him such that you both face the same direction. Hold on to the steering wheel and give him a bumpy ride by rocking your body back and forth. Control the level of penetration depending on your preference.

Car mirrors

Adjust your car mirrors to focus on the action, make sure you are in a position where you are able to watch it as it unfolds. Watching yourselves getting intimate play part in turning both of you on.

Back seat spooning

On the backseat have your man lie behind you, hold you like a Spanish guitar with one of his hand on your breast and then other hand working on your clitoris. Have him penetrate you from behind and thrust back and forth whispering sweet words of love on your ears biting them gently and breathing warm air to your on to them


Sex in a car does not allow you to get all comfortable and so you have to have it within the shortest time possible. Make sure you don’t get all your clothes off since no matter how private the place is, someone might appear when you least expect it. In that case be in a condition and position where you can dress up fast and pretend like nothing was going on.


Good choice of romantic music brings in the mood. Making out and having sex with music playing in the background makes the moments sweeter, intimate and memorable, it ignites the passion between you and your partner.

Orgasm carefully

When having sex you should make sure her legs are away from the windows since things might get messy when she reaches orgasm. Orgasm takes you to another world that you cannot explain and it make you do something you’re not even aware of so it’s only right to take caution before something destructive happens only to realize it after snapping back to reality.

Getting steamy

Have you car windows locked allowing no air from outside to get inside. Having your car steamy makes the moments more intimate and memorable. It’s enjoyable seeing the results of your intimate moments by seeing your car windows all steamy. You can have your hands run from one end of the window to the other end rubbing off the steam. After you are done you can draw love hearts on the steamy windows as you talk, unwind and meditate on how your sex session was.

Clean up

This is definitely the last action after a wild bumpy ride sex, do some cleaning because it’s obvious you wouldn’t want anyone to know what transpired in your car. Your sex moments should remain intimate and secret, you should not let anyone know where you have them.

Summing up

Car sex is definitely some action everyone should try out. It is breathtaking memorable and the best way to experience sex away from home. If you and your boyfriend don’t get a chance to get a free house and you don’t advocate getting a room your car can serve the purpose.

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