For Men: Top 7 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

If you’re a single guy who has tried it all online when it comes to dating, and you still have not had success, then more often than not, it’s not that something’s wrong with you, it’s probably that you’re not doing something optimally in your online dating rituals which in keeping you behind the pack. Now, not every guy is tall, dark and handsome, or a Tom Brady look-a-like that they’d be able to their pick of the those hot gym girls you see every day when you work out. Those are the hot chicks you are reaching out to on online dating sites that don’t get back to you.

online dating tips

But we have to take a closer look to find out why. Take a look at our checklist and ask yourself, are you doing everything possible to optimize to your dating activities and profile?

Well lucky for you, here are 7 proven way for you to succeed in online dating, that if you just take a little time to implement, you’ll have more dates than you have time for.

  1. Your photo is your brand

You need to choose a photo that truly represents you, so no college day shots, and one that presents you in a positive light. So, no bathroom pictures or topless shots at the beach. Have a shot that shows your face and the color of your eyes so it’s clear what you look like today. Don’t be shy, but it’s better if you get responses for the real you. If you need a professional to do it, do it and take 100 photos so they can bring out your best features in those perfect two.

  1. Your profile needs to dazzle

Write something original that you would actually say out loud. Start off with something you’d actually like to boast about, like you’ve been to a base camp on Mt. Everest, or you’ve swam with stingrays, or you captained a small yacht around the Greek islands all by yourself. Whatever you greatest personal accomplishments are, should be featured here but in a down-to-earth humble way so it doesn’t turning into a contest. be colorful but honest. Make the person reading it want to read more…

  1. Clean up your online image

Make sure you Google yourself first to see what’s out there with your name and face on it. If it’s good, then you’re fine, but if there are some questionable connections or not-so-attractive photos of friends FB timelines that are public, clean it up and kindly ask people to remove.

  1. Make the first move and keep failing

If you see a woman that’s attractive then go ahead and make the first move. You have to fail many times to meet a person who is worth your time. Take calculated risks and when you write your first message make sure you make it personal, cute or funny and always refer to something she’s said in her profile. So if she loves chocolate, you can mention that your favorite hot chocolate is at this local place, and if you feel really confident you can suggest taking her sometime. You have nothing to lose and a date to gain.

  1. Sunday is the best day

Many dating sites have reported that the best time to message is Sunday afternoon after 5pm. It’s the perfect quiet time to set aside to devote an hour to searching, messaging and tweaking your profile. If you stay consistent and persevere, you will eventually find some great people to go out with, and hopefully something more.

  1. Face-to-face is always better

When you do get some good reactions and messages, you should always suggest a face-to-face meeting as soon as you can. There is no reason to waste time messaging back and forth for weeks if this person does not have amazing chemistry with you in person. And the only way you’ll know if she is for you, is if you look into her eyes, hear her laugh and feel the energy beside you. Remember online dating is made to get you on a really traditional ‘live’ date. Don’t waste too much time staying cyber.

  1. Have a great plan

What’s always attractive is a man who knows what he wants. So, when you ‘meet’ a woman online that you like, suggest something thoughtful and fun that would appeal to her that is a solid event. Not just a ‘let’s hang out’ or ‘Let’s chill sometime’. It’s much better to say, ‘I have tickets to the opera for Thursday night if you’re in?’ because that is what will get you an answer.

Bonus: Don’t lose hope

Dating has never been easy, even when it wasn’t online. So if you keep it real and use your inspiration and interests to guide you through the ins and out of conversations and meeting you should do just fine. And be a gentleman always. Open doors, be on time, and compliment. Always pay the bill since you asked the lady out, even if she offers. She wants to feel taken care of. And if you feel a vibe, close the second date. You don’t have to be modelesque or be rich to win those gym girls’ heart. Being classy and chivalrous always wins the race.  


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