Thanks, But I Already Have a Shag Room. Or Are We Not Talking About Carpet Here?

Thanks, But I Already Have a Shag Room. Or Are We Not Talking About Carpet Here?

It seems like you can’t turn on the TV or read a magazine these days without hearing some reference to “man caves” or “she sheds” or “media rooms” or some other kind of “dedicated” room along those lines. Sometimes it’s like the only multipurpose rooms left are bathrooms and bedrooms.

At first, when Calico heard of “shag rooms” she thought it was the sort of thing in which only a serious carpet fetishist would be interested. Turns out it’s a British term for rooms dedicated to having sex in — not a bad idea, but one which seems to Calico like it might be hard to truly enforce.

So, will Calico establish a “shag room” in her humble abode? Would doing so require forcing her husband to abandon the room currently housing all the musical instruments he can’t play? Does having a shag room mean they can’t do it in the kitchen anymore? These and other questions may or may not be answered in Calico’s latest post “Thanks, But I Already Have a ‘Shag Room.’ Or Are We Not Talking About Carpet Here?”

shag room with shag rugs

by Calico Rudasill, Erotic Movies For Women and Couples

It seems like every time I turn around, there’s another kind of “dedicated room” for homeowners that’s becoming all the rage.

You know what I’m talking about – man caves, she sheds, media rooms and the like. Hell, even my husband, who seems to care as much about customizing or improving our living space as he does about the question of what the ideal color is for the bathroom towels so they complement the walls rather than clash with them (the answer is quite obviously maroon, by the way) has a “music room” for his cherished collection of guitars, keyboards, drums and various other instruments he can’t play.

Now, evidently, there’s some momentum building behind the idea of “shag rooms,” which I can only assume to feature deep pile carpet on all surfaces.

No, Shag Rooms Do NOT Have Deep Pile Carpet on All Surfaces

As you can see from the header someone quite rudely placed above this paragraph, my assumption about what a “shag room” is appears to have been off the mark. Rather than comprehensively carpeted rooms, shag rooms are dedicated sexual-activity rooms.

“For most of us, the bedroom is where the action happens,” writes Emine Saner for The Guardian, “but as Lucy Beresford, the broadcaster and author of Happy Relationships, says, it ‘also becomes the place where you charge your mobile phone, have your laundry basket, maybe your kids come in and want to share your bed at various times of the night.’”

“All of those things need to be stripped out if possible,” Beresford adds. “If that is difficult, having a room that is completely dedicated [to sex] is a brilliant idea.”

I can see the appeal of this – particularly when it comes to having a room my kids never go in, since I don’t have any kids, which means the kids in question would be apparitions, and I can’t have sex while being watched by apparitions, because those things totally creep me out.

On the other hand, having a room my mother can’t enter when she visits will only result in her assuming it’s an opium den, or the place where my husband stores dead bodies, or some other imagined horror she’ll cook up once denied the opportunity to snoop around.

austin powers shag meme

Calling it a “Sex Space” is Not Going to Make Anyone I Know LESS Curious

So, how do people go about assuring family members, houseguests, cable tv guys and other undesirables don’t enter or use their shag rooms, anyway?

“It can also be the place that everybody else knows is your sex space,” Beresford says.

Seriously? Have you met my friends? As soon as one of them finds out I have a “sex space,” they’re going to want to see what I’ve got in there, because these people have no boundaries and are nosy AF.

“In an ideal world, it shouldn’t be a taboo subject,” Beresford adds. “It’s not about giving details, but it’s about recognizing that you take this part of your life seriously and give it the attention it deserves.”

Yeah, no worries about the taboo subject thing – quite the opposite I’d say. If I really want to keep friends and family out of there, what I’d call it is my “litter box room,” or my “library,” or maybe just my “office.” 

The utility and appeal of having a shag room

Like I said earlier, I can see the utility and appeal of having a shag room – but only if having a dedicated sex room doesn’t mean the rest of the house becomes off-limits for sexual encounters. The best sex I’ve had recently, by an absolute mile, took place in the kitchen. 

I was in there cooking dinner, my husband came home from work and hugged me from behind as I stirred some sauce. Then, the next thing you know, my ass is planted firmly on a nearby counter and his face is buried between my legs. To hell with the damn sauce, I thought, we’re making something much hotter over here.

So yeah, go ahead and designate a shag room if you’d like. We’re going to keep fucking whenever and wherever we like – so long as there aren’t any freaky ghost-kids hanging around at the time, that is.

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