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Meet Marcus!

My mother is German and my father was an American pilot at the local base. As a child I always thought it was so romantic, handsome pilot falls in love with local girl. I am fluent in 3 languages, German, English and French. I loved being brought up in Europe. I did spend a few summers in the USA, with my Grandparents, but always missed that old world charm and culture that can only be found on the Continent. I currently live in Vienna, Austria and am single, but always looking for the right person!

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Vital Stats
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 190 lbs.
DOB: October 13, 1978
Place of Birth: Ramstein, Germany

General Background:

What I Look For In A Woman:

A somewhat tough question, and difficult to answer, because it depends on so many different things. I can tell you the qualities that are important to me though. Intelligence, wit, a great smile and kissable lips (I’m a bit of a romantic). I like women that are strong and confident, but also have a soft side. But above all, regardless of the “list”, there must be chemistry between us.


I love to just get in my car and drive. Europe is filled with history (one of my great loves) and nothing is very far away. I love walking through the ancient forests, exploring castles and ruins or just driving through the countryside. My “paying hobby.” In case you have not noticed by my photos here: I love playing the piano. I began piano lessons as a very young boy and by the time I was 16 years old, I was getting paid work at parties and weddings in our hometown. This lead me to eventually getting my degree at the Vienna Conservatory in music history with a minor in piano performance and to this day, I make a steady and enjoyable living as a working pianist in and around the wonderful city of Vienna.

Favorite Experience:

As with so many other music students in conservatory, I got a summer job as a lounge pianist on a cruise ship that sailed around the Greek Islands several years ago. It was a very fun experience, as the lounge I was assigned to was in the First Class section, and the musical offering ranged from light classical to classic jazz from the 1940s and 50s. This was a far cry from playing in the disco for the young and restless passengers, although coming from my middle-class roots, I did always feel a little out of place in my tuxedo playing for the wealthy families of Europe and America.

One evening a very wealthy American family came into the lounge. The father owned a media company, the mother a designer clothing line in New York City, and the daughter, their unfortunate daughter at the tender age of 21, was obviously dragged along by her parents to keep her out of trouble on her summer vacation from university. We caught each other’s eye early in the evening and, although it was strictly forbidden for cruise ship employees to “fraternize” with the passengers, her coy smiles to me gave me hope that something might happen.

And happen it did! After my first set was finished, I went out on deck to take my one-hour break and as I was looking out to sea at the shimmering lights of some Greek village, I felt her arm tuck under mine when she stealthily approached me. I asked her if she was chilly, and she said she was, so being a gentleman, put my tuxedo jacket over her smooth and pearly shoulders. She looked up into my eyes and said “Why thank you! You are so kind and I love the way you play the piano.” And with that, she presented her mouth for a kiss, which I was more than happy to give her. The kiss lingered to the point where I knew we were going to get caught out there and I asked her if she would like a little tour of parts of the ship that most passengers never see. She eagerly agreed and we slipped down the staircase the the lower deck and silently snuck into the vast and deserted cargo hold.

Among all of the crates of cargo and baggage, there was a car carrier section in which were parked the most extravagant collection of cars owned by the first class passengers. I smiled and teased her with the question, “Which car would you like to drive, your highness?”. She looked over the various Jaguars and Mercedes and Maseratis and then her eyes landed on a beautiful classic Rolls Royce. “That one!” she said with a giggle. The car was not locked, so we hopped into the front with her at the wheel, where she pretended to drive, making “vroom, vroom” sounds. Then, as she looked into the back seat, she noticed a full snifter of brandy back there and asked me to join her in the back seat for a taste. Once in the back seat, things quickly progressed into pretty much what happened in that classic scene from the movie “Titanic” and we made sweet love in the sophistication of that British-made plush interior.

After we were sated, I noticed that we had been gone for almost an hour and told her I needed to go back up and do my next musical set. Although reluctant to leave, she gave me a final kiss and we discreetly made our way back to the First Class lounge where she sat back down with her parents and teased me the rest of the evening with clever glances, discreet “air kisses” and occasionally showed me a bit more leg than was likely polite for this rarified environment.

The cruise continued for another 6 days and we met every night in the cargo hold, each time taking a “ride” in a different car, but we agreed that the Rolls Royce would always be our favorite!

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