Sex Toys 101: Your Definitive Guide to Different Types and Styles

Sex Toys 101: Your Definitive Guide to Different Types and Styles

If you’re curious about sex toys, but not necessarily sure where to start when it comes to shopping for and using them, you’re far from alone. The wide, wonderful world of sex toys no longer starts and stops at your standard vibrator. There are options to suit just about any preference or purpose that you could possibly imagine. After all, no two people are alike and neither are any two sets of reasons for wanting a sex toy.

Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular types of toys out there on the market today, as well as discuss the benefits of each, the better to help you select an option that’s exactly right for you.


When most people think of sex toys, vibrators are the first options that come to mind and with good reason. Vibrators do an excellent job of delivering exactly what most toy lovers are looking for – intense, targeted stimulation that has a good chance at leading to orgasm. Most come with multiple speed and pattern settings, making it easy to finetune your experience to your exact mood and liking.

Vibrators also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are insertable, while others are shaped like eggs or wands. Some vibrators are designed with G-spot stimulation in mind while others are best used for clitoral stimulation. Still more – like the ever-popular rabbit vibe – are made to deliver multiple types of stimulation at one time.


If you’re looking for a specifically penetrative toy, a dildo might fit the bill. Like vibrators, dildos come in a wide range of different materials, sizes, and shapes. They may or may not vibrate. Many dildos are made so that they can be used in tandem with a wearable harness as well – perfect for play sessions that involve another person.

Because so many dildos are used either on or with a partner, the best options are made of non-porous materials like glass, silicone, or stainless steel. They should also be used alongside personal lubricant for the best possible experience.

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Pulsators are a newer type of sex toy, but are quickly gaining in popularity nevertheless. Although there are exceptions, most pulsators don’t vibrate. They are insertable sex toys designed to mimic the unique sensations associated with penetrative sex, usually by moving back and forth.

Pulsators can be used either vaginally or anally. Most models are designed for hands-free use as well. Some people that swear by pulsators like to use them at the same time as an external vibrator for an extra intense orgasm experience.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are exactly what they sound like – sex toys that are specially made with anal stimulation in mind. As a category, they cover a lot of ground and can deliver many different sensations. Anal toys like butt plugs are designed to be inserted and worn inside the anus. One great site we’ve found for this is Anal beads are meant to be inserted and then removed when you’re close to orgasm, producing a uniquely pleasurable sensation. There are even anal vibrators designed to stimulate the many nerve endings found in and around the anus, as well as the prostate.

All anal toys are made with the needs and limitations of this delicate area of the body in mind. For instance, they’re made of anal-friendly materials that won’t damage or irritate delicate tissue. They’re also designed with special safety features that prevent their getting lost or stuck inside the body.

Masturbation Sleeves

It’s a common misconception that only women benefit from adding sex toys to their solo sessions. Some of the most popular toys out there are pleasure sleeves designed especially with the penis in mind. Perfect for the guy that gets tired of settling for a hand job every time he wants to get off!

Masturbation sleeves can come attached to a variety of different stimulation factors. Some contain pleasure nubs and ridges designed to deliver an enhanced experience. There are sleeves designed to mimic pretty much every kind of sex as well from vaginal, to anal, to oral.

Ben Wa Balls

Also sometimes called kegel balls or kegel exercisers, ben wa balls are special sex toys designed to be worn inside the vagina. Many people swear by them as a way to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, leading to numerous benefits. These include stronger orgasms, better bladder control, and increased vaginal tightness.

Many ben wa balls are designed for hands-free use and can be worn throughout the day if desired. Still more come equipped with vibrating weights that deliver a pleasurable sensation as you move around, making the actual wearing of these balls as desirable as the resulting benefits.

Couples Sex Toys

Just as sex toys are hardly just for women, they’re not strictly for solo use either. Some of today’s most popular sex toys are designed specifically for use by couples, making them much too good to miss out on. Many are made to actually be worn during intercourse for the pleasure enhancement of both partners. Examples include but are not necessarily limited to cock rings and wearable couple’s vibrators.

There are also sex toys for couples that deliver a mutually satisfying experience without the need for actual physical intercourse. For instance, many premium couple’s toys can be worn by one party and controlled remotely by another whether that’s from across the room or from the other side of the country. Still more come as sets of two toys that coordinate with one another so that each partner can “feel” what the other is doing with their own toy no matter where they might be. Perfect for long-distance relationships, business trips, or any other situation that requires a couple to spend more time apart than they’d like!

Which of the many toys out there is the right pick for you depends largely on what types of sensations and experiences you’re most interested in. However, practical factors like budget, ease of clean-up, and portability are also important considerations for many users. As you experiment with sex toys and grow your collection, you’ll quickly learn which options are the best fits for your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Explore the possibilities today!

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