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Sex Toy Predictions for 2014

By Blogger, Evelyn James

We’ve got some weird sex toys ahead of us, ladies of the orgasms. Now, I’m no Epiphora, but my job entails that I keep on the up and up regarding sex toys and wheeeee tools. All I can say is, the emails are coming in and the pussy play things aren’t just vibrators. Here’s a look at some of the releases just launched or are coming out, and my predictions for the sex toys of 2014.

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The Lelo Ida


This is the toy version of attending a rave. It spins and it spins and it pulses and it’s meant for group romping. As in, you put this thing inside of you and get your penetration on. It slips in with the disk…thing…on your clit and rotates inside of you while a penis is inside of you. Re-reading the above description I now feel really raunchy, but there’s no other way to describe it. It’s a pleasure tool for a couple.

2014 prediction: The whole “couple porn” ideal is really starting to boom in evolution. First there was 50 Shades, and now we are seeing porn studios popping up with more and more “romantic” couple porn. Creating toys that can be used by both is a no brainer. Introducing different technology and sleeker shapes is how they will accomplish that.

see also: VI-BO by Tenga, who is launching a whole new line for couples and THIS


Nalone for Lovehoney Pulse and Rhythm Sound-Activated Toys

Sound-Activated Sex Toys

Coming from an entire line of futuristic toys, the Pulse and the Rhythm devices are activated by sound. As in, get off to music or to your partner’s voice. Can we be honest for a second? Because HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE. Dirty talk is taken to a whole new level. Not only will he (or she) be turning you on with the little “bad girl” comments but their voice will make the vibrator do what they say at will. I’m already shuddering and melting.

2014 prediction: We are going to see multiple things on the market using futuristic technology. You have the mini mics, electricity usage (which I have not gotten myself to try, but I can be talked into it so go ahead with the fanfare), and touch (not push) response. Lovehoney did a great thing recruiting Nalone into their collection, but we will see the followers soon enough.



Shiri Zinn for Baci Minx Designer Vibrator

Minx Designer Vibrator

If you visit her website, this is not exactly new for Shiri Zinn. But you know what is? Baci selling sex novelties. And this tail idea? Popping up a bit more now that the bronies are coming out into the public eye.

2014 prediction: I’m seeing a lot of companies start to enjoy the thrill from fusing together to enter into unknown territory. Another launch coming soon is from Nexus, who mainly focuses on men and prostate massagers. No longer! Bisous will revolutionize their platform, and they promise a more femme line is going to be another highlight to their brand.


Hello Touch by Jimmyjane

Hello Touch by Jimmyjane

Don’t worrrrrrry, I know this little shocker came out in early 2013, but it really was a pivotal moment in pleasure products, am I right? And honestly, is it hard to believe that the Apple products of the bangarang industry would take a year to emulate? Jimmyjane is a forefront company, meaning that with founder Ethan Imboden at the head of the biz, they never look to the past for inspiration unless it means combining past problems with thinking out of the box. They have a vision, and lord is it streamlined.

2014 prediction: We can expect more ideas from the Jimmyjane HQ, but with all the buzz they created (heh heh) with the Hello Touch, and how Lelo is constantly creating a new identity in products as well, cheaper versions will pop up of their defining “toys” (can we even call the hello touch that?). Technology will begin to merge with the body, to really take the manufactured identity out of the picture.



WowerShower Sex Toy

When I was first discovering masturbation (here comes another Emja personal sex moment), I used…the faucet. I won’t tell you how old I was. But I will admit to thinking of Joey from Friends…for whatever reason. Anyway, I would take an extra long “shower” and just lay back on the tub floor, scoot up my bum to the front, and spread leg. The waterfall, oh it brought explosions to me. So seeing this, you know what, that’s genius. And it’s representing the fact that DIY sex toys are a thing, but instead of fucking a cucumber or a balloon, maybe leave household items to the pros.

2014 prediction: With the emergence of the WowerShower, the vibrating bicycle seat, and wake-me-oh! vibes, more little-known companies will excel in creating everyday items that are really fuck-me-nows. It’s time to ditch the danger of DIY and market on the novelty of the every day badass badness.


Avengers Pieces of Pleasure

Sex Toy Avengers Pieces of Pleasure

If you were watching the blogs carefully last month, you’re aware then that this is just a concept design from Balazs Sarmai, and that talented m-effer broke geek girls’ hearts everywhere (including mine) when we found out they weren’t real. He even unveiled a Loki edition when said girls kept complaining to complete the series. WHY HAS NO ONE MADE THESE YET?!?!

2014 prediction: Well, with the super hero boom (thank you Marvel, I love you) taking a liking by the mainstream eye, there are familiar lines popping up. However, I’m sticking by my heart that someone will make these. I see this coming. Doc Johnson, helllloooooo.



Never have I ever…liked bacon, seen Rocky or Rambo or The Goonies, gone a day without Diet Coke, or worked for a sexually-forward adult entertainment company. However, as just about everyone that comes across this site knows, sex and all things that make you go bump in the bed will forever be a joy that cannot be explored and discussed enough. I’m under 30 and I’ve already found my dream job. So here I am, and you can call me Emja. I’m a Philly-phile now, but I spent years upon years in Chicago and yes I absolutely do recommend you go visit and ask me questions on where to go. Pick a category, I have you covered. I’m a straight-forward, don’t-blush, sarcastic conversationalist who, from time-to-time, you’ll find makes up her own words. I prefer not to ramble on about myself, since we always have so many videos and posts to fix our eyes to, so here’s a note about my first week if for some reason you need more…
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