Is Sex “Exercise”? It Depends

Since she’s never been fond of going to the gym, Calico is always looking for other ways to get exercise. Or, more accurately, she’s always looked for other things she’s already doing which she can COUNT as exercise if only to make her feel less guilty about being super lazy.

Thinking about exercise and various ways she might get some, Calico started to wonder: Does sex qualify as exercise? I mean, think about it: When you have sex, you sweat, your heart rate goes up and it’s important to towel off the equipment when you’re done — all of which sure sounds like exercise to Calico.

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Kylie Minogue, Sexersize, Live, Kiss Me Once Tour.

As it turns out though, the question of whether sex qualifies as exercise is more complicated than Calico had hoped. Instead of getting a clear, resounding yes from the experts, Calico is left feeling no more certain than she began. Read all about her ongoing conundrum in Calico’s latest post: “Is Sex ‘Exercise’? It Depends”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn Movies For Women and Couples

I’ve never been a gym person. Don’t get me wrong – in total, I’ve been a member of one gym or another for many, many years. It’s the part where I’m supposed to use such gym memberships where I tend to come up short. Oh well, at least I’m not alone in that.

To be honest, a true accounting of the amount of exercise I’ve done in the last 20 years would only sound better-than-completely-pathetic if I’m allowed to count sex as a form of exercise – and last time I checked, the gym down the hill from my house has a strict ‘no fucking’ rule that applies to every piece of equipment, all surfaces and the only personal trainer there who I find attractive.

If Sex Isn’t Exercise, Why Does It Make Me Pant Like an Olympian?

To me, it’s obvious sex should count as exercise – because if sex is not exercise, someone needs to explain why I’ve spent my entire sex life being sweat upon by dudes making noises (and faces) which sure imply they’re doing a lot of work up there.

The way I see it, even if you’re as lazy as me, having sex typically involves moving at least some of your body, engaging at least some of your muscles and expending at least some energy – and all that adds up to spell E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E right? I mean, it’s not necessarily training-for-a-marathon exercise, but it’s still exercise, no?

As it turns out, the question of whether sex counts as exercise is more complicated than I thought, at least according to scientists. (I’d make some cheap joke here about how having sex with a scientist certainly should qualify as “work” even if it doesn’t count as “exercise,” but I won’t because I’m not that mean.)

What’s My Definition of Exercise? Can it be the Same as My Definition of Hell?

According to physiotherapist Kevin Netto, the answer to the question “is sex exercise” is a somewhat unsatisfying one: “Yes and no.”

Oh, great. The last time I heard an answer like that, it came from an attorney – who later billed me for an amount roughly equivalent to my life’s savings. Thankfully, Kevin Netto doesn’t even know who I am, let alone count me among his clients, so I think my current savings are safe.

“It depends on your definition of exercise,” Netto writes.

Hmm… Given that my definition of exercise is “anything which requires more effort than walking to my mailbox” maybe we shouldn’t make the answer depend on my definition of the term, but let’s see where Netto goes with this.

“If you compare the two purely by the physiological change that occurs, then yes, because sex elicits a change in human physiology akin to exercise.”

Yes! That’s certainly the answer for which I’d hoped. But, sadly, Netto’s not done here.

Here Comes the Rub… And Maybe the Tug, Too

“But if you believe exercise should change human physiology for the better, in the long term, then perhaps no. This is because, for most of us, sex isn’t sustained long enough nor occurs frequently enough for a true physiological change to happen in the long term.”

OK, so having sex isn’t going to give me a body of an Instagram fitness influencer, but it can’t hurt my fitness level, right?

“Judging by measurements of heart rate, masturbation really only equates to light exercise, such as slow walking.”

OK, that wasn’t exactly my question, but it’s still good to know, I guess. It also gives me a great new euphemism to use as a reference to masturbation: “Sorry I’m too tired to have sex this evening, honey; I took a slow walk just before you got home.”

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