Romance of Cloths – Part IV

Do I Look Fat/Thin/Perfect in This?

Very few of us think our bodies are perfect. But I’d be willing to bet a shopping spree at Bebe that most of us think we don’t look good enough when actually we look just fine, great, even! There is an extreme cult of perfectionism in the western world because of our obsession with movie stars and models and athletes. Look, it’s their job to be skinny and buff! Let us regular people be happy with being healthy and fit and sexy in our own skin. One way to get more comfortable with your own body is to let yourself be nude more often. Catch a glimpse of yourself in the hall mirror as you clean the house au naturel. Check out your limbs as your stretch out on the sofa after your shower but before you get dressed. Your body holds you up and gets you around and helps you work and play and feel pleasure every day–so treat it well! And dress like you deserve to look great. That begins by figuring out what looks good on you.

We already talked about color, but the most flattering colors won’t do you justice if you’re wearing a cut or style that’s wrong for you. The most important thing is to not worry about how someone else (a model, a mannequin, your best friend, Kate Moss) looks in something–but to ask yourself if you look good in it. Hey, we can’t all wear hip-hugger jeans successfully(very few women look good in these, truth be told, and I am so thankful their trendy appeal has finally waned). Some women look great in those long, flowing skirts–but if you are neither slender nor tall, they might look overwhelming on you. Miniskirts are sexy, but if you have knobbly knees or chubby thighs, you might want to consider the length and style carefully. Maybe you should get one that is slightly-flared, or that is a few inches longer, or one in a comfortable fabric that won’t ride up on you. One thing some women seem to ignore (you’ve seen their photos in Glamour in the Don’ts section with black bars over their faces) is that clothing really needs to fit properly to look good. Sizing is very inconsistent in women’s clothing, and even clothes from the same company or designer may be inconsistent. In other words, just because you think you wear a size seven, doesn’t mean it’s not okay to get those velvet pants in a size nine, if that’s what actually fits better.

Do you know what sorts of lines look most flattering on you? Don’t be afraid to look at yourself from every angle before buying something. Try to find dressing rooms with rear-view mirrors. Or bring a trusted friend along for advice. There are certain tricks which seem to work for certain body types. Short women look better in less fussy, simpler lines. They should also go for skirts just-above the knee or shorter, rather than long or 3/4 length. Long jackets can make short women look like leprechauns, so be sure to balance them with large chunky shoes and straight-legged or wide (never tapered) trouser legs. Curvy women look better in clothes that actually accentuate their shape, as opposed to boxy or baggy shapes that cover them up. If you want to wear a long jacket or cardigan, be sure to wear a waist-defining belt or sash. Women with narrow or straight hips look good in long, lean lines that accentuate their streamlined shape, and can often wear those designer looks many women can’t get away with. If you’re busty, don’t wear a complicated jacket–go with simple, tailored lines. Small-breasted women can add a more feminine silhouette with ruffles, lace, curved necklines or scallop-edged collars or jackets. Scared of prints? Good, because most of us don’t look good in them. Large florals look better in skirts or scarves than in blouses or dresses–small prints are best for small items like scarves or shawls. One piece of clothing in a print can go a long way–but don’t be afraid to occasionally wear those leopard-print leggings, or carry that tartan handbag! One funky, stylish piece can pull together an entire outfit if the feel is right.

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