Why Some Men Fantasize About A Liaison With An Exclusive Escort

Ask any man in the world if they had paid for sex with an escort in their lifetime and you won’t believe, but a majority of them did! That may come as a surprise, but men frequently use the services of ladies of the night. Why? It gives them immense pleasure. The need for sex is satiating. The sex life has become mundane and they need something refreshing. There can be several reasons for it.

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Actually, liaising with a hot escort a few times in a month is not a bad idea. And here are the reasons why –

Having a hot woman beside him (even only for few hours) gives immense satisfaction

The men who could afford all the luxuries and hottest women in their lives chose to pay for sex. Firstly, it offered them the VARIETY and secondly, they found the route to be quick and easy. Why would someone leave the chance of fucking a hot and sophisticated escort?

To be controlled by someone

Traditionally, couples resort to the Man-on-Top scenario while having sex. But think about the needs of the poor man. Maybe, he too wished to be controlled, but that may not be the possible feat unless he pays. So this brings us to the next reason to be able to speak their mind and being able to voice their physical needs in front of an exclusive escort. So, when in bed, they relish and enjoy all the action happen as the lady moves back and forth and twists and turns.

Did we say ROLEPLAY?

If the personal lives of the couples are made public, you can actually count the number of couples indulging in fun activities like Roleplaying. Not all couple tends to indulge in that. And there are hardly any doing it. The movies, the blue films, and the porn have made it popular and have caught the imagination of the mind. But, it is still a far-fetched dream if they think of seeking it from their wife or girlfriend. However, it is so easy to fantasize about a French maid or the loving nurse and that turns up to you when you hire an exclusive escort.

Having Escorts by their side means having a SHORTCUT to SEX!

exclusive female escortC’mon! We need to admit it that getting involved with an independent escort is easier than checking out and hitting on a girl you just met at the bar. That is obviously a long-drawn process and with NO GUARANTEE of him getting an experience to remember. But, having a sex or even a quickie with an exclusive escort would mean that you can get the quickest sex whenever you feel the urge. Many men prefer the No-strings-attached relationship and this is one of the easiest ways to have one without remorse or heartbreaks.

The Relationship Complications are at bay

Imagine a scenario, you ask a random girl for a night out, have a one-night stand and next day everything comes to NORMAL. But, hey, did you just share your contact number? If yes, there is the possibility that she might be willing to meet you again or want to date or have a relationship with you because you were SO GOOD IN BED! What if you don’t like her? What if she becomes a pain in the ass. How would you avoid her? Would you change your telephone number? How many times would you repeat it? To save you from this trouble, there are escorts with whom you can think about one-night-stands in the truest sense. They won’t irk you with their often stupid questions.

They met, they fucked, they left – END OF THE STORY!

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