Humor: Maybe I’m a Millennial at Heart, After All.

Humor: Maybe I’m a Millennial at Heart, After All

Sometimes it seems like the media is actively out to pit generations against each other, contrasting millennials and Gen Z against Baby Boomers and Gen X on the basis of everything from politics and favorite works of pop culture to sexual preferences and predilections.

Despite the fact that her millennial nieces and nephews are fond of trying to wedge her into the Baby Boomer generation, Calico is squarely Gen X, born right in the middle of the generation, depending on where one sets the starting and stopping points. But when she reads about the results of sex-related surveys, Calico finds herself wondering whether she was born before her time — or went to college before her time, at least.

What has Calico feeling more millennial than boomer, more Z than X? Is it meeting the new mail carrier in her neighborhood, the delicious slice of 20-something beefcake that he is? Has she finally got an account on Tinder on which she’s been ‘swiping right’ like mad? Isn’t she supposed to be married, or something?

Read all about it in Calico’s latest post, “Maybe I’m a Millennial at Heart, After All.”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women and Couples

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I’ve never been a big fan of the notion of generational divisions – you know, the “Silent Generation” and “Baby Boomers” and “Generation X” and all that. It all feels so arbitrary and over generalized t me, this idea that people can be conveniently lumped together based on the year of their births.

By the numbers, I’m part of Generation X, which covers people born 1965 – 1976, although some people push the upper end of that to 1980. I prefer to set the line at 1976, as that means I sit right smack in the middle of Gen X, having been born in 1970. 

Whatever the numbers might say about which generation I belong to, my nieces and nephews have said “OK, boomer” to me enough times now that I’ve started to feel sort of like an honorary Baby Boomer – albeit one who grew up on video games, Star Wars movies and was more likely to have swooned over Rob Lowe than Warren Beatty. 

Is it Good or Bad to be Gen X? It Depends Who You Ask

At any rate, depending on who you ask, being part of Gen X seems like it should be considered a good thing. After all, when they’re inclined to butter us up, people will say things about us Gen Xers like we’re “self-sufficient, resourceful and individualistic since they have been accustomed to caring for themselves since before reaching adulthood,” and that we “value freedom and responsibility and try to overcome challenges on their own.”

The above characterization stands in stark contrast to the way my mother, a member of the Silent Generation, used to describe certain members of Gen X back in the 1980s, a description which typically involved generous use of words like “useless,” “lazy,” “hypersensitive” and “ungrateful.”

Of course, some other characterizations of my generation are even less complimentary than my mother’s. To wit, apparently some Gen Z folks are fond of calling us “the Karen generation.”

Sex Recession, or Sex Progression?

When it comes to generational differences in our sex lives, we’ve been told that millennials have less sex than their predecessors, although some postulate it could be a matter of quality over quantity (as though it’s not possible to have a lot of high-quality sex, or something) and millennials are more open with their partners, leading to happier relationships.

“We see that once millennials commit, they are more willing to continually work on a relationship and communicate with their partner,” eHarmony CEO Grant Langston said of the data his company has collected on Millennials. “They are more open to therapy and compromise than anyone else.”

That’s all very interesting, but it’s not why I suddenly find myself feeling that I can relate better to millennials than I’d anticipated, at least in this narrow context. 

No, the reason I feel like maybe I should be an honorary millennial instead of an honorary boomer comes down to generational differences in attitude toward penetrative sex.

I’ll Just Say It on Your Behalf, Millennials: “OK, Boomer.”

According to a survey conducted by UK-based healthcare provider EveAdam, respondents’ thoughts on sex varied greatly based on the year of their births. One of the big discrepancies, according to EveAdam was that 16% of 18 to 25-year-olds and 22% of 26 35-year-olds reported that “penetrative sex was the best part of sex,” while 40% of those aged 60 or older felt that penetrative sex was the best part.

“If you went back in time and asked someone from the baby boomer generation, when they were younger, whether they enjoy penetrative sex in rotation with other sexual activities, this concept might seem completely alien to them,” says Dr. Daniel Atkinson, Clinical Lead at EveAdam. “For older generations, sex was seen more as an activity that should only take place within marriages.”

As a Gen-exer who discovered the joys of clitoral stimulation in the late 80s – and who has been fortunate enough to marry a man who likes to give even more than he likes to receive, if you catch my drift, this is one are where I’m squarely with the millennials – even if they do call me “boomer” all the time.

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