Filthy Housewives – A New Erotic Anthology From Violet Blue

In this day and age of “white noise” in the erotic fiction publications library (the Amazon Kindle store alone offers 95,163 “steamy bodice rippers”), every once in a while one jumps out as WAY ahead of the pack in both literary quality, and actually makes my toes curl!  Violet Blue’s recent release of “Filthy Housewives” fits the bill.  In a compact and fast-paced 80 pages, this book is a compilation of short erotic works by seven 5-star rated authors that will knock you off of your feet and leave you breathless (in a good way!).

About Filthy Housewives

Filthy Housewives
Filthy Housewives

Filthy Housewives is an independently published, explicit erotic ebook collaboration between award-winning erotica editor Violet Blue, and the genre’s top authors. The plan was simple: Blue assigned the settings, and the authors delivered. The result: 80 pages of 5-star, playfully raunchy, smart smut, and a profit-sharing revenue model that sees sales going directly to authors.

With a decidedly sexy twist on seven stories of wives bored and brimming with sexual fantasies, and husbands who want to fulfill every one of their secret desires, Violet Blue doesn’t disappoint with this inventive anthology to handpick writers: the best of today’s erotic authors, focused on areas in which they excel. Authors who are hungry for making a story compelling, imbued with the values savvy erotica readers demand to craft sex-positive, consent-conscious, intense sexual fantasies with characters that make sense, and worlds that wholly lack the sexist trappings of erotic smut that we usually turn to for wilder fantasies that address a central turn-on. Like the deviant, crafty modern wife. What happens when we introduce her to the usual wife-themed fantasies? Well, she gets what she wants—and sometimes what she deserves, in the best of ways. And so do we.

The table of contents gives a good hint to the subjects covered with such enticing chapters as “Kinking the Classics: The Very Dirty Martini”, “Good Housekeeping: Tips for Household Bondage”, “Good Housekeeping: Tips for Kitchen Spankings” and “Neighborhood Wives Watch”.

In Violet’s words, “Over a decade of editing erotic anthologies, publishing literally hundreds of writers, and more submissions than I dare recount—you might say that I’m a bit picky when it comes to erotica. Just a little. Truthfully, I’m a lot picky. Which is why, after ending my ten-year run editing the prestigious (and award-snatching) series Best Women’s Erotica, I wanted to do some very specific things with the erotica collections I’d envisioned and  always wanted to make.I wanted to assemble highly literary smutfests on specific topics. The wicked, sometimes wayward wives in this seven-story, romantic erotica collection know just what kind of persuasion it takes to make their men cross the line. Looking for an erotic hotwife? Wives scheming to dominate their men — or be dominated. Husbands who want to see “to have and to hold” include a few of the handymen. These expertly-crafted, unpredictable and clever erotic stories detail a litany of illicit, premeditated seductions — sometimes drawing in dominant neighbors, surprised young studs, unsuspecting husbands turned into playthings, or wives caught being… filthy.

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Filthy Housewives Excerpts

From “Home Sweet Home”, by Tasha Waters
Up until I’d met Della, I’d been the perfect wife. The type you sometimes see and think—damn, doesn’t that woman ever have a hair out place? With me, the answer would have been no. Because I had all the time in the world to make sure every hair was perfectly in place. I had hours to spend at the salon, at Pilates, at yoga, at the gym. I had hours to spend trying on shoes, pouring my body into skin-tight designer dresses, going out to lunch with lady friends who never ate a bite. Ladies who lunch is a misnomer. They should be called ladies who push their lunch around on their plates and gossip about fucking the gardener.

I’d been bored out of my ever-loving skull. Della had shown me a whole new way to behave. She had awakened me from the somnambulant state that had become my life. What thirty-two year old woman really wants to spend her hours engaged in handiwork?


From “The Professor’s Wife” by Amelia Monroe
“Marcus,” I called down the stairs. “Can you help me out up here?”

“I thought you had Thad,” my husband called back after a moment. I could hear the sound of jazz playing.

I motioned for Thad to come closer to me. I slid one hand into his pants and started to touch his cock. “I do have Thad,” I yelled back. “I have his big hard cock in my hand.”

There was a blast of happy notes as a horn player took a solo. I waited and then called down. “When he’s done fucking me, he’s going to fuck you.”

The music abruptly went off.

I heard footsteps on the stairs. I hurried to push Thad down on the bed.

Marcus moved faster than I expected. He was suddenly there, right by the bed, as I shifted aside my copper-colored panties and began to lower myself on Thad’s glorious dick.

“What… what’s going on?” Marcus asked.

I pushed my hips up and then slid down Thad’s pole. “I’m fucking Thad,” I said.


Filthy Housewives Amazon Reviews:

5-star Amazon reviews for Filthy Housewives:

Literary Porn at Its Finest
“Very explicit erotica” is apt, yes. This is glorious and very, very explicit erotica. But please don’t think this means that Filthy Housewives is similar in style to Penthouse Forum or Variations. Sure, both of those publications serve their purpose, but what you need to know about Filthy Housewives is that it offers literary pornography at its finest. What’s masterful about this collection is the sheer erotic creativity it displays.

Every single story might start off sounding like something you’ve read someplace, some time, but no—Filthy Housewives offers seven arousing, inventive sexual fantasies, and each one will provide you with at least one moment, one image or scent, that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. It’s like the Bible of go-to scenes for a quick yank: unzip, close your eyes, and conjure up (for example) an image or two of Marcus and his wife enjoying young Thad in Amelia Monroe’s “The Professor’s Wife.” Sheer ecstasy.

I’m familiar with Alison Tyler’s work (her contribution “Out of Luck” is stellar), but I hadn’t read any erotica from the six other authors. Needless to say, I have a very long wish list now. I don’t know how these names have escaped me for so long. Looking forward to reading more of Violet Blue’s/Digita’s anthologies. This one entirely knocked my socks off. It’s exhilarating to know that erotica can be this good, this hot, and this consistent in one more-than-affordable collection. Seriously—it’s worth triple.

Filthy Housewives is an erotic feast for the senses
Seven sizzling stories in this volume offer a smorgasbord of fantasies and kink that will satiate any appetite. The authors offer tasty morsels of sexual entertainment featuring everything from straight sex to BDSM and lots of kink in between. These wife-centered fantasies are a literary feast for the senses. They take couples sexual relationships to a whole other level and no one will come away from this book unsatisfied. Some thirst quenchers are included, along the way, to wet the readers appetite as one enjoys the journey.Violet Blue and a band of imaginative authors have produced an unforgettable volume that is almost impossible to put down. Keep up the great work Ms. Blue. We can hardly wait for your next creation.


About The Authors Of Filthy Housewives

Melanie Daniels finds dinner parties boring. She had the idea for “Remote Controlled” while sitting next to the dullest man in the world at a recent six-course meal.

Dante Davidson’s short stories have appeared in anthologies including Bondage, Naughty Stories from A to Z, Best Bondage Erotica, The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica, Luscious and Sweet Life. With Alison Tyler, he is the coauthor of Bondage on a Budget and Secrets for Great Sex After 50.

Amelia Monroe is a professor’s wife. She is also a professor. Although jazz has never been her scene, she enjoys making love to the sounds of classical, soul, and old-school rock. Emilie Paris’s first novel, Valentine was made into an audiotape by Passion Press. She abridged the seventeenth-century novel, The Carnal Prayer Mat for Passion Press, which won a Publisher’s Weekly best audio award in the “Sexcapades” category.

Jewel Rodriguez recently moved to the suburbs from a large, metropolitan city. She is still trying to get used to lawns, block parties, and neighbors who greet her on the street.

Alison Tyler (@alisontyler, is naughty and she knows it. Her sultry short stories have appeared in more than 100 anthologies including Coupling edited by Sommer Marsden and Sex for America edited by

Emilie Paris is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, including “Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink“,  upcoming “The Pet”, and the editor of more than 75 explicit anthologies, including Smart Ass and Kiss My Ass.

Tasha Waters is a bisexual actress-cum-writer who has hidden her addiction to needlepoint until now. She can cross-stitch with the best of them but she’s only learning the closed featherstitch. All her profits go to thread.

About Violet Blue

Violet Blue
Violet Blue

Ms. Violet Blue is an investigative tech reporter at CNET, Zero Day, ZDNet, and CBS News, as well as an award-winning sex author and columnist, making her the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology. She has authored and edited several award winning, best selling books in eight translations. Ms. Blue is on Twitter @violetblue and her human sexuality blog is

Blue has reported on hacking, cyber crime and personal privacy violations in countries such as Malaysia, Germany, Russia, China, the Dominican Republic, the United States, and Serbia. Her work as a journalist has broken many large stories about hacking and cybercrime, affecting the largest online companies and millions of users. Blue is the journalist who broke the story when Anonymous hacked The U.S. Federal Reserve (“The Fed” Bank), the story in which social sharing app Snapchat was hacked and its user database maliciously exploited, and the story when Comcast was hacked and millions of user accounts were compromised. She is also responsible for breaking several critical stories in which Apple iMessage and Apple iCloud were exploited, and when hackers showed how to hack an Apple iPhone in 60 seconds.

Blue has appeared on CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show and is regularly interviewed, quoted, and featured in a variety of publications that include ABC News and the Wall Street Journal. She has been a sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.

She has been at the center of many Internet scandals, including Google’s “nymwars” and Libya’s web domain censorship and seizures–Forbes calls her “omnipresent on the web” and named her a Forbes Web Celeb. She has given keynote talks at such conferences as ETech, LeWeb, and the Forbes Brand Leadership Conference, she received a standing ovation at Seattle’s Gnomedex, and has given two Tech Talks at Google. In 2012, Blue presented “Hackers and Harm Reduction” on the featured stage for CCC’s 29c3 hacker conference in Hamburg.

The London Times named Violet Blue one of the “40 bloggers who really count.”

Coleen’s Thoughts on Filthy Housewives

This erotic anthology knocks it out of the park for depth, creativity, quality of writing and simply well-done eroticism that thinks outside the mainstream box and brings it home in a way that is compelling, entertaining, and HOT.   No, it is not a 550 page Harlequin tome about being abducted by pirates and ravished on a desert island by a sweaty sea pirate captain. And it’s certainly not the poorly written and “just wrong” tripe in 50 Shades of Grey.  It’s just a glorious compilation of well-structured and extremely erotic first-person point of view stories, crafted by six women  and a man that know how to light the spark for gals like you and I from our paradigm in regular life.

With that, the obligatory internet “call to action” (and this one comes from the heart and was not paid for by some soulless company using this as click bait), trust me, gentle reader, and do this now:

  • Go buy the book. Now. At $3.89, it is about the same price as a cup of overpriced Starbucks tricked-out latté and it will make you happy for a much longer time;
  • When you buy the book, feel good that each of these authors that contributed to Filthy Housewives are going to get a bit of money to support them as professional writers (this is somewhat rare these days due to piracy and Amazon dirty tricks, but they need you to continue creating great works);
  • And, lastly, follow Violet Blue on Twitter and bookmark her blog at Violet is one of the last bastions on the net for reliable and interesting adult and sex industry news that has not cow-towed to “The Man” of corporate media that will feed you click bait crap to have your data mined for a buck.


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