Erotic Stories – Story Two

Reading to your lover is a wonderful way to enhance your sex life and develop intimacy.  Many couples make this a regular part of their lives. Whether it be once a month or once a week, bedtime stories help to build the relationship for growth. Not only do these stories set the scene for relaxation, but they also allow you to think of new places to have a sexual encounters, as well as give you new ideas for bedroom fun. Here are some erotic stories that you can read and even recreate with your partner this evening.

Camp Cunnilingus

Dawn started her night with Sean down at the beach, talking about their erotic fantasies and describing to each other what they liked to do sexually, with their sex partners. Dawn said she wanted to have sex at the waters edge. She wanted to feel the water splash upon their bodies. She thought that the feel of the water against their skin would double her thrills. Sean thought this would be different. Then Dawn suggested that they go swimming.

Sean said, “Alright! I’ll show you later what I want to do. Let’s go swimming.” Sean stood up, took Dawn by the hand, then pulled her up towards him. Slowly, he took off Dawn’s bikini top, placing his lips upon her small breasts. He sucked on her nipples and cupped her breasts at the same time. He was going from breast to breast with his mouth, flicking her hard nipples with his tongue. This made Dawn even hornier so she began to take off his shirt, rub his bare chest, and feel his nice biceps. Sean came up to her lips, kissing them ever so softly. Dawn went down and started kissing his chest all over. Sean took off his shorts and Dawn mimicked his actions by doing the same, revealing her shaved pussy.

“Let’s go into the water,” she said. In the water, Dawn wanted to get him hard, so she played with his dick. He was having some fun of his own by playing with her ass and squeezing it as he pressed himself against her. She began to feel that he was sensually aroused by all this play in the water. So they swam back up to the beach where they laid naked on the shoreline. They held each other and kissed while feeling each other’s body.

“God, it feels good to touch our wet bodies together.” Dawn thought. She rolled Sean over and climbed on top of his ready body, letting her pussy just slightly touch the top of his hard dick. Sean helped her off and laid her down so he could let his tongue inspect her pink pussy. He went down and kissed her cunt; it tasted sweet. He started licking her clit.

“Your tongue is so strong,” whispered Dawn. Then she took her hands and placed them on his head shoving his face into her pussy.

He continued to lick her, making sure he didn’t miss a drop. Dawn came about four times. She pulled him up to her because she wanted to feel him inside her. He put his rock hard dick into her tight pussy, pumping slowly at first, then faster. The water came up over their bodies slapping their sexual organs. This was putting shivers into their already burning sex.

“Harder!” Dawn demanded. Sean did just that, ramming harder and harder, grabbing her hair and driving himself deep within her. Dawn grabbed his ass, as he let out a sigh of relief letting his body cum inside her. Dawn threw her arms up and layed back in full of satisfaction. They were both happy how things turned out.

They got dressed and walked over to his tent. Inside, there was a queen size air mattress. Sean found some candles and he lit them and placed them in different areas of the tent. It was very romantic. He turned some soft music on.

Then Sean led her to the bed, and laid her down taking off her top. Then he sat on top of her and massaged her breasts. She layed there, watching. Then Dawn pulled off his tank top to reveal his chest. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Sean turned around and brought forth some baby oil. He poured some on her tits and rubbed it on her body. Then he took off her shorts and then took his off, too, while he lathered more baby oil on me and massaged her feet, legs, belly, tits, hands, arms, shoulders, and my neck. He kissed her.

They were both naked and with the candles lit, it made their bodies look beautiful, so they sat around admiring each other’s body. She told him,

“It is your turn,” Dawn laid him on his back and poured oil on his chest. Then she lay on top of his back and rubbed the oil with her body, rubbing her tits on his chest, brushing her long brown hair in his face. She moved down and started kissing his chest. She let the tip of her tongue run down his neck back to his chest and down to his cock where she began licking it from top to bottom. She gently played with his balls, squeezing them. She continued licking his prick. Then Dawn placed her mouth over his head, closing her lips, letting her tongue go around and around, up and down. Then she began to lick the sides of his pole, leaving her lips on his head, letting her tongue slide out. She went down as far as she could, letting her tongue lick further and deeper. She pulled up slowly and started kissing and biting softly. Then she took a piece of ice and placed it in her mouth before going back down to his dick, letting the ice move inside her mouth, using her tongue to push the ice from side to side. The ice melted fast as it touched his dick once in a while. She slid up to kiss his lips and then lowered her pussy down on his wet dick. Up and down she went, slowly at first, around and around. Sean grabbed her hips and rammed her down on him. He rolled her over, threw her legs in the air over his shoulders, grabbed her hips, and thrusted deep in to her. She didn’t stop cumming. Faster, he fucked her and soon, he released everything he had into her. She felt his love throughout her body.

Afterwards, she had him take a piece of ice to place inside her. This made her feel more relaxed. Remember everybody; foreplay is where it all begins.

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