Erotic Art Series: Part 3 – Best Erotic Ads

Sex sells! This is an undeniable fact that entrepreneurs, businessmen, and companies around the world use to sell their products in ads. For example, motorcycle companies will use a sexy model who looks exactly like your perfect match just to convince you that their product is the best on the market. However, using sex and erotic art in advertising is much more complicated than it seems. These companies and advertisers need to be careful not to cross the line of taste and decency. They have to be creative and teasing but in a classy, subtle, and funny way. So, if you like this type of marketing, make sure to check out some of the funniest and most creative erotic ads out there….

Victoria’s Secret Christmas Commercial

It’s safe to say that Victoria’s Secret models don’t have to remind people of their beauty by using sexiness and naughtiness in their commercials, but we’re not complaining. In this famous TV commercial, hot supermodels like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Tyra Banks are recommending Victoria’s Secret Christmas collection by whispering sexy things while wearing only their underwear. We assume many guys surprised their significant others with presents from Victoria Secret that Christmas.

Samsung SF Notebook Ads

This technological giant always knew how to attract new customers, but this bold poster from 2010 is something else. They decided to use erotic art to stimulate people’s naughty minds, and it paid off big time. They did it in a classy and subtle way by portraying a profile of a completely naked curvy woman. Her lady parts and breasts were cleverly hidden by using a perfect camera angle and her hair. The woman’s flawless figure and the catchy slogan “True beauty is curved” inspired many customers.

Agent Provocateur Ads Starring Kylie Minogue

The legendary commercial in which the lovely Kylie Minogue is trying to prove that the lingerie made by Agent Provocateur is the sexiest in the world. In this ad, she literally rides a mechanical bull dressed only in her underwear. After she finishes her satisfying ride, Kylie politely asks all the men in the audience to stand up. Of course, all of them were too stiff (pun intended) to achieve something like that, so Kylie walks away knowing that she proved her point.

Miss Levi’s Naked Woman Poster

Back in the 70’s, denim jeans were probably the most popular clothing choice among men and women, and naughty ads like this one definitely had something to do with it. The vintage 1971 advert for women’s Levi’s jeans featured a completely naked woman captured from behind. On her gorgeous right butt cheek, she had a printed pocket with an iconic Levi’s tab. Subtle, beautiful, and very erotic!

New Yorker’s Killer Underwear

This clever commercial tells a story of a young woman who’s marrying a much older man for money. After the ceremony, they drive to his glorious home to consummate their marriage, but she has an evil plan that will help her avoid this “duty”. Before the intercourse, she goes to the bathroom to “freshen up”, knowing that her new husband is going to spy on her through the keyhole. She decides to a little dance for him in her sexy lingerie. Her dance proves to be too much for his old heart and she ends up rich and widowed. A perfect plan executed with killer underwear.

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