Darklady Reviews New Erotic Indie Movie, "Gone"

By Theresa “Darklady” Reed

Gone: A Story of Love & Courage
D: Angie Rowntree. Madeline Blue, Gee Richards. 35 Min.

Mainstream film loves to flirt with sex, but it’s never quite ready to make a commitment. Sex, to much of Hollywood, is a mercenary thing; primarily useful as a tool to transition a scene, provide a shock, or look hip. Explicit sex, we have been told, is the purview of pornography; somehow less worthy of art or understanding than explicit violence.

darklady theresa reed
Theresa “Darklady” Reed

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Director Angie Rowntree dares to call that conventional wisdom out with her short film, Gone, a movie with both the balls and the ovaries to not only present its sex frankly, but to literally marry it to kink, love, and devastating loss.

Rowntree tells a tale as old as time when she introduces her audience to Rebecca, an attractive woman who has finally met the love of her life – and discovered that he’s more than a little into structured relationships and discipline. Because the love-vibe is strong, Rebecca is able to open herself fully to Todd, who becomes both her husband and loving dominant.

In spite of many flashbacks to good times, Rebecca is beyond distraught; forced to adjust abruptly to a world, a house, a dungeon, and a life without her beloved. The why of her apparent abandonment is a timely reveal, but not really the point of the story.

What is the point? Other than the fact that love truly is a many-splendored thing and there are as many ways to express, intensify, and commit to it as there are people capable of loving? From a film-makers’ position, the point is that a powerful story involving complex emotional states can be successfully told in combination with explicit sex. It just takes some talent and a genuine respect for all of the subject matter, even the wonderfully kinky-weird stuff and the vanilla married sex stuff.

Rowntree, her cast, and her crew clearly have these qualities.

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