Context Matters – Nudity And Food Edition

Some things which might be a good idea in one context aren’t so hot in another. For example, if you’re playing Monopoly, it’s just fine to demand money from anyone who parks on “your” street. For some reason though, if you try that same thing because attendees of a nearby college football game have parked in front of your house, the cops suddenly get all picky about whether you have the “authority” to demand such payments, or are “licensed” to accept them.

Along those same lines, while both nudity and eating are fine things, combining them as a business concept can be tricky. Many people who are receptive to the idea of a nude beach might not be so keen to eat barbecued ribs without so much as a bib on which to wipe their hands, for example.

This may be why the eatery O’Naturel, billed as the first restaurant for nude diners in Paris, is closing shop only about 15 months after it opened. Where did it all go wrong? Was the nudist community simply not large enough to support the business? Did diners tire of finding pubic hair in their food and having no way of narrowing down the source? Get Calico’s take on the news in her latest post, “Context Matters – Nudity And Food Edition”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

My opinions on a great many things in life depend heavily on context. I’m generally against violence, for example, except when it is visited upon people who richly deserve it or engaged in as sport between willing and duly-compensated combatants.

I’m also very much in favor of both nudity and food – and even the combination of nudity and food, in the right context.

Having said that, eating in the nude – particularly amongst strangers, many of whom I’d probably never want to see naked – is not my idea of the right context for combining nudity and food.

I’m guessing a lot of other people may feel the same way, which might explain why the first restaurant for nude diners in Paris didn’t last very long.

Flaccid Attendance to Blame

“It is with great regret that we announce the definitive closing of the O’Naturel restaurant on Saturday, February 16, 2019,” announced the restaurant’s owners, twin brothers Mike and Stephane Saada. “Thank you for having participated in this adventure by coming to dine at O’Naturel. We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments.”

The restaurant got off to a good start – in part due to a wise choice of invitees for the eatery’s grand opening.

“Tonight, we only had the members of the Paris Naturist Association,” the Saada’s said in the days shortly before the ribbon-cutting. “They’ve supported us from the beginning, and we reserved our first soirée for them.”

Unfortunately, even if one corners the nudist-diner market, it might not be enough to make it in a tough sector like food service.

nude food paris

Waiter, I Sincerely Hope That’s a Fly in My Soup

Apparently, the notion of naked dining didn’t have as broad an appeal as the restaurateurs had hoped when they first opened the doors of O’Naturel just over a year ago.

Evidently, the Saadas thought they’d stumbled across a great business concept, after realizing that while France is regarded as a top destination for naturists and nudists, as a practical matter their options were limited in terms of where, how and when they went nude.

“People only get to be nudists in the summer,” Stephane Saada noted.

But weather is only one factor in the context-equation when it comes to being nude, let alone combining nakedness and food. Even among the French who approve of nudism, there was skepticism about O’Naturel and the appeal of the dining experience it would offer.

“I’ve got nothing against nudism on the beach,” said Donatella Charter. “But eating in the buff with other people, I don’t get it.”

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem – But Please Reserve Your Wanking for the Washroom

On the plus side, the Saada’s didn’t run the spot as an ‘anything-goes’ food joint, nor did they want people to equate nudity with doing the nasty.

“We might reject someone, or explain to them that if they’re looking to hook up, they should go somewhere else,” Stephane explained of their attitude towards their clientele.

“Nudity doesn’t have to mean sexuality,” Mike added.

They also took precautions to make sure diners didn’t spend too much time worrying about the last person to occupy their seat at the table; as TheLocal noted in one of its articles about O’Naturel, “the black chair covers are discreetly changed between sittings.”

I don’t mean to suggest diners there were up to anything horribly untoward, but here’s hoping the Sanna’s took a similar approach to changing out the silverware.

When at First You Don’t Succeed…

So, what will become of the Saana’s now? Will they try a different restaurant concept, like having clothed patrons eat sushi off naked person-tables, or perhaps a BDSM-theme restaurant that offers edible ball gags?

There’s no word as to whether the Saana’s are considering anything of the sort – but they are asking their patrons to support them by continuing to frequent O’Naturel between now and when it is slated to close on February 16.

Who knows – maybe the Saana’s will change course entirely and make their next venture something outside the food service industry. Has anyone researched the French public’s interest in establishing a nude rugby league?

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