The Best Condom Wrapper Design Ideas

Most creative condom packaging design ideas are meant to promote safe and pleasurable sex with a little humor. Given that condoms come in teeny tiny packages, it’s imperative that the comment or design be as clear and as clever as possible. Luckily, many condom packaging design teams (they do exist!) out there are bursting with ideas on how to send all sorts of messages, from political statements to referencing pop culture. Whether you’re into gay, straight or no-strings-attached dating, enjoy responsibly and have a few giggles while you’re at it (no pun intended).

#1: Chanel Condoms

chanel condom wrapper

This “hers” condom designed for men is clearly a work of a woman not only because it references a luxury French fashion powerhouse Chanel, including its signature logo, but also because it is captioned “keep it classy”. The Chanel condom package is a perfect mix of style and function, which could also easily find its way into the “best gifts for boyfriends” kinds of lists to save you a headache around his birthday. Chanel is the ultimate symbol of status and class, and a woman who presents this wrapper to a man is daring him to enjoy her like she would enjoy the Wallet on Chain, with great care, self-respect, and a bit of ecstasy. Available in white and pink for your pleasure.

#2: Pizza Condoms

pizza condoms

Now, that is a Joey Tribbiani kind of condom! Carefully “stuffed” into a pizza slice condom package that fits perfectly into a pizza box captioned “extra tasty for long pleasure”, the pizza condom idea is so simple yet very effective, and it works for literally everybody. Who doesn’t like sex and pizza! This perfect example of a simple design without too much flamboyance can be a go-to choice for both teens and mature partners who don’t take themselves too seriously.

#3: Suggestive Slogans

suggestive condoms
In some instances, the condom packaging design team doesn’t even have to come up with a never-before-seen idea to do their job. They could just phone up Skittles, Nike or KFC and ask to use those brands’ slogans in a suggestive manner. Why spend hours trying to reinvent the wheel when you could just say “taste the rainbow”, “just do it” or “finger lickin’ good”? Sure, there are better ways to put you in the mood than provoking thoughts of childhood or greasy chicken, but they will at least put a smile on your face.

#4: Political Statements

political condom wrappers
Meant to appeal to the politically conscious, political condoms convey all sorts of satirical and symbolic messages. Take, for instance, Obama condoms, which read “won’t break as easily as his promises”. Don’t worry, condom user, our product is more reliable than a former US president. Or Romney condoms, which  claim to be “great for any position”, alluding to Romney’s indecisiveness. Maybe the funniest of all is the 2016 US election Trump vs. Hilary “the year we all got screwed” condom, but as humorous as that message is, this little fella is more likely to inspire a political debate than great sex, which is kind of what can happen when design surpasses the purpose of the product.


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