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  • phone sex operator

    The Benefits of Being a Female Phone Sex Operator

    While some women are working in an office from 9-5 to pay their bills, others are working on their own terms, setting their own hours, and letting people masturbate to the sound of their sexy voices. Who are these women? Often they are actresses, models, or mothers who work as phone sex operators. And, more […] More

  • shameless sex

    ‘Shameless Sex’ Shares Podcast Fans’ 30-Day Self-Pleasure Challenge

    ‘Shameless Sex’ Shares Podcast Fans’ Inspirational Feedback after Hosting 30-Day Self-Pleasure Challenge   ‘Shameless Sex’ podcast hosts April Lampert and Amy Baldwin have wrapped up their 30-Day Self-Pleasure Challenge for Masturbation May, and the results are in:   “People need to be masturbating every day!” says Baldwin of the eye-popping results. “We had more than […] More

  • pure taboo porn movies

    Pure Taboo Presents Star Showcase Seen Not Heard: An Alexis Fawx Story

    Adult Time announces the release of a haunting new star showcase from Pure Taboo, Seen Not Heard: An Alexis Fawx Story, available now at   Fawx – in a brilliantly symbiotic artistic collaboration with Seen Not Heard director/producer Bree Mills – developed the concept and storyline about an institutionalized woman named Anna who relives her past sexual experiences with […] More

  • Giddy ED Treatment Device

    Giddy – First Device Created for Treatment of ED in 20 Years Hits Market 

    Wearable ED device Giddy gets you out of your head and into your body      Giddy, the new wearable FDA Class II medical device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, officially announced its nationwide product launch on Indiegogo.   Giddy is the first utility patented device created specifically for the treatment of ED in […] More

  • sheris ranch brothel

    Legal Sex Workers Praise Halsey for Singer’s Defense of Consensual, Regulated Sex Work

    Sex workers from Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada, are praising Halsey for the popular singer’s vocal defense of consensual sex work this past weekend. The singer released a series of posts through her social media accounts saying “I support the industry of modern, regulated sex work; based on testimonies from people who […] More

  • swopnh rainbow
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    Sex Workers Outreach Program of New Hampshire to Hold International Whores Day Fundraiser

    Sex Workers Outreach Program of New Hampshire to Hold International Whores Day Fundraiser on Saturday, June 1 MANCHESTER, N.H. (May 16, 2019) – The Sex Workers Outreach Project of New Hampshire (SWOPNH) has announced it is holding a fundraiser for International Whores Day on Saturday, June 1 in Manchester, New Hampshire.   While International Whores […] More

  • slixa sex workers blog
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    Slixa Sex Writer Andre Shakti Celebrates Sex Workers’ Supportive Moms for Mother’s Day

    (Los Angeles, CA / May 10, 2019) — Premier adult service directory Slixa shines a spotlight on Mother’s Day with an insightful and inspiring blog post from resident sex and relationships expert Andre Shakti at, ‘For Mother’s Day: 5 Stories of Sex Workers and Their Super Supportive Moms’.   “Sex workers frequently opt to withhold their work […] More

  • sex social media
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    Start the Digital Sexual Revolution: Get Early Access to Adult Social Media Site, a brand-new social network for adventurous adults, is pre-launching its sex-focused – and sex positive – website, inviting new users to come see a different side of social media at   The provocative site, currently in beta testing, offers a glimpse into the seven different sexual ‘worlds’ that new members can explore, and make […] More

  • sheris ranch brothel

    Netflix’s ‘Bonding’ Promotes Show with Imitation Sex Worker Twitter Account

    Netflix’s ‘Bonding’ Promotes Show with Imitation Sex Worker Twitter Account — Legal Brothel Outraged Over Twitter’s Sex Work Double Standard     Sex workers and staff at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada, are infuriated that Twitter has allowed Netflix to create a fictitious sex worker Twitter account to promote the new Netflix original series ‘Bonding,’ […] More

  • porn addiction
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    Shattering The Myths About Porn Addiction

    Think you’re addicted to porn? I’m about to drop a HUGE bombshell. Prepare to re-think everything you though you knew about porn addiction and masturbation. Watch this before you self-diagnose, or start a no fap challenge. Please follow and like us: More

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