10 Domestic Rituals for Romantic Enhancement

Sssh.com not only supplies us with erotic stories, porn for women and erotic porn. They also give us some great articles! This one, comes straight from Sssh and I have to admit that after reading it, I will definitely be taking their advice and trying out some of these domestic and erotic rituals!

“Need some creative ideas for keeping things lively between you and your man? Try some of these rituals we have created specially for you, to keep that romantic spark alive! A ritual simply means placing special importance upon an activity, planning it carefully and performing it with awareness and intention. Some of the everyday activities you thought very dull can be ritualized to make them special, and help you both share some more romance in your relationship. There are rituals involving food, bathing, and foreplay-try them all! (Next Ten: Rituals for Social Situations!)

1. Shopping for that Romantic Dinner Together: Sure, you can prepare that decadent meal for him, but what if you both do the shopping together? Hint: Specialty stores or farmers’ markets are sexier than the supermarket. You can gaze at each other suggestively over the strawberries and oysters and chocolate. Whisper in his ear as he is deliberating over red or white wine—speaking some sexy French or Italian will help him decide.

2. Preparing that Romantic Dinner Together: Careful, sometimes things in the kitchen can heat up to such a degree that you forget all about dinner! Stand behind him and caress him as he’s grilling the steaks. Make the soufflé naked with just an apron and high heels. Get him to lick the Bernaise sauce off your fingers. Smear some lemon frosting on his neck and kiss it off.

3. Eating that Romantic Dinner Together: Once everything is prepared, be sure to dress for dinner! Wear a sexy silk slip or a kimono that falls open easily, to reveal his favorite undergarments (those mesh tap pants, or black garter and stockings). Make sure there are candles for ambient lighting and sexy music.

4. Postponing that Romantic Dessert Together: Make your meal leisurely. When the food’s done, have a seat with your after-dinner brandy or coffee. Now’s the time for loving conversation, or just some quiet time listening to music or maybe watching an erotic video. Let him know dessert won’t be ready for a while…hint, hint.

5. Bringing that Romantic Dessert to Bed when You’re Ready: Nothing like a nice treat when you’ve burned off some calories in bed! Bring one serving with two spoons or forks and feed each other…

6. Bubble Bath for Two: Okay your man may be a shower guy, but this might convert him. Make sure the bathroom is clean and free of clutter (maybe you can even get him to help you with this part!) and get your supplies ready beforehand. You will need: candles, fluffy towels, a nice robe for each of you, bubble bath (Lush has some great bubble bars) and grooming products (see #7 and 8). Run the bath and let him know you expect him to join you in a few minutes. He’ll love the sight of you amid those bubbles, face flushed, waiting for him!

7. During-Bath Grooming: Animals groom each other, why not people? Have some grooming products handy to share this nice intimate ritual. Wash his hair and give him a nice scalp massage while you’re at it. A plastic cup or bowl is handy for rinsing. Or you can help each other smooth on face masks and relax while they do their work. Plus: your man’s skin will look great afterwards! Maybe one or both of you has a shaving fantasy—now’s the time to help each other out! Make sure you have fresh disposable razors and some luscious shaving soap.

8. After-Bath Grooming: Maybe you and your man don’t even know each other’s after-bath routine. Here’s a fun way to find out. Invite your man to apply your lotion or powder or conditioner for you. Offer to do the same for him. Wrap up in some nice fluffy robes and lounge around for a few hours, or head straight to bed. Sleep naked for a change, if you don’t usually.

9. Ritual Massage: Make that backrub or footrub into something special. Light candles and lay out special oils or lotions. Make sure you create a comfortable place for your man to lie down. Play soothing (but sexy) music. Light incense or use scented candles: something subtle and arousing like sandalwood, patchouli or vanilla. Encourage him to get into loose, comfortable clothing, or to get undressed and put a robe on. When the massage is over, make sure there is a hot or cool drink on hand. Your man may feel very relaxed, or very aroused, depending on his mood and what kind of massage you give—be prepared to go with the flow!

10. Ritual Foot Bath/Foot Rub: Our feet take so much punishment, there is nothing like a nice foot rub to rejuvenate. Bathing the feet is a tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. It’s so decadent, you’ll want to try this ritual often! Have two plastic or metal bowls ready; one will be filled with hot water, one with cool. Wash your man’s feet one at a time in the hot water with soap. Then rinse them in the cool water. This is good for circulation and energy. Then dry them off gently and rub lotion or cologne on them. Ahhh…”

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