Will NBA Players ‘Wilt’ Under the Sexual Pressures of Quarantine?

Will NBA Players ‘Wilt’ Under the Sexual Pressures of Quarantine?

As the world slowly emerges from COVID-19 lockdown, the professional sports leagues returning to play are issuing guidelines and rules for their players to follow — and some of those rules don’t leave a lot of room for intimacy, if you catch my drift.

Among observers who follow the National Basketball Association, which is famous for its players hooking up with groupies, fans and occasionally their teammate’s mothers (I’m looking at you, Delonte West!), there’s serious skepticism that players will be able to withstand the temptation of sneaking out of quarantine to have sex when the league begins play again, even isolated within the Magic Kingdom down there in Florida.

Will NBA players seek sex on the sly during their return to play? Is there a Stephen B. Smith who works for ESPN that makes it necessary for Stephen A. Smith to use his middle initial like that? How true are the rumors about NBA player groupies to begin with?

These questions were all on Calico’s mind as she composed her latest post, “Will NBA Players ‘Wilt’ Under the Sexual Pressure of Quarantine?”

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Adult Indie Erotic films

NBA Wilt Chamberlain

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As I write this, we’re two weeks away from the return of the NBA basketball season… sort of.

Like everything else in the time of COVID-19, the NBA is going to look and function very differently in its return. For example, only 22 of the league’s teams will be participating, the others being told to sit this restart out because they sucked so badly during the pre-COVID part of the season that they’ve already been eliminated from contention.

While Basketball is in Play, Keep Your Own Balls in Your Shorts

The league has outlined its plan in detail, including where and when the games will be played and a 108-page file which specifies the health protocols in place for the restarted season – which includes the requirement that players sort of ‘quasi-quarantine’ for the duration of the restarted season, showering only in their individual hotel rooms, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when feasible.

One aspect of this plan has some seasoned NBA observers particularly concerned, however. They wonder aloud: Can NBA players refrain from having sex for as long as this plan would require?

“You really think that people are going to be without their wives or their woman?” asked an incredulous Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. “Forget three months – they’re going to struggle with three weeks. I’m telling you, they’re going to violate the bubble.”

Over the years, many stories have emerged about NBA players and their “groupies” – and sex is generally at the center of those stories. And as former NBA player Carlos Boozer (who has one of the great names in all of sports, IMO) related in a podcast a couple years back, the groupie phenomenon sometimes kicks in before the players have even established themselves on the court.

“So, it’s the first game of the season and we get out to Sacramento and we get to hotel, there is a lot of women there,” Boozer recounted. “I didn’t pay attention. I got my bag and went up to my room. I get up to my room and then ring, ring, ring. I’m like, ‘Hello?’ (and the voice says) ‘Oh my God, I just saw you walk in the lobby and can I come up stairs?’ I was like, ‘Sorry, I am chilling with my friends but it’s very flattering.’ Click. Then I go to eat with the homies, my boys Darius Miles and Dajuan Wagner and we come back and ring, ring, ring, ‘I just saw you. Oh my God, can I come up?’ I am like whoa! That was the first game, I haven’t even played yet. That is just a mild example of how it goes. As soon as you get drafted and make an NBA roster, these joints be waiting for you.”

Of course, that’s a story from an era when there wasn’t a global pandemic going on, when teams were traveling to various cities to play, rather than isolating themselves in a theme park inspired by a fabled cartoon mouse. So, presumably, the players down in Florida won’t be getting that sort of phone call, at least.

Oh, Those Stats-Obsessed Players!

Even without the temptation of on-site groupies ringing up their hotel room phones, there’s historical reason to believe some players might take it upon themselves to find a hook-up. There’s some dispute as to how accurate the history in question is when it comes to specific numbers, but I think most people generally accept the history as true.

I’m speaking, of course, of Wilt Chamberlin’s famous (infamous?) claim that he had sex with over 20,000 women in his time.

I don’t believe Chamberlin’s claim, mostly because math suggests he would have had a hopelessly crowded social calendar and little time to do what people watched him do for years on the basketball court. At the same time, I don’t doubt he had sex with a LOT of women, whatever the number was, because… well, let’s just say Carlos Boozer isn’t the only player to report immediate and frequent hook-up opportunities as soon as he joined the league.

So, will the players getting ready to start playing again in Florida withstand the rigors of professional life while under quarantine? Or will they ‘Wilt’ under that pressure? Only time will tell, but I for one will not be shocked if Stephen A. Smith’s prediction is on the money.

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