Sssh Man Of The Month: Luis

Meet Luís!
















Vital Stats
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Black
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 210
DOB: 9/28/1985
Place of Birth: Los Angeles

General Background:
Born, raised and still live in the City of Angels.  My parents came to this country before I was born from Honduras and raised a lively, loving and loud brood of 5 sons and a daughter. Being the oldest child, I became the stereotypical caretaker which eventually lead me to pre-med school at UCLA.  In my third year, I ended up taking a job as an assistant EMT to help pay for tuition, and quickly discovered that I really enjoyed emergency medical services in the field far more that I did clinical medicine in hospitals.  So, I finished my last year of college and got certified as an EMT in the state of California and have been out on ambulance calls ever since, enjoying every minute of it!


What I Look For In A Woman:
The main thing I look for in the women I date is a passion for life!  Maybe it’s my hot Latino background, but I enjoy nothing more than a hot debate followed by hot sex with a woman that can hold her ground.

I should know better from being an EMT of how dangerous motorcycles are, but my hobby is dirt bike motocross racing.  I’ve been doing competitions since I was a teenager, and nothing is quite as much fun to blow off some stress and have a good time than getting together with my friends in the racing club and heading out to the desert or dunes for a day or two of bone-jarring, filthy high speed fun.

Favorite Experience: 

A couple of years ago, the fire station where my ambulance is based out of was assigned a pretty young journalist to be “embedded” in the department to do a feature article on L.A. firemen and EMTs.  She was just a firecracker!  For the month she was with us, Jenny did everything from slide down the pole at the station, to riding shotgun on fire trucks and was always lending a hand to the other guys.  She often came out with all of us after a shift for a couple of beers and after a few times out, I could feel some chemistry building up between us.Then, her assignment took her off the firetruck and into the ambulance. With me!  Our ambulance is a small, fast response vehicle that is manned by just a driver and myself, so Jenny ended up having to ride in the back on our calls, hanging on for dear life as we sped through the streets of L.A. on emergency calls.  Then, as things sometimes work out, my driver hit the biggest pothole in L.A. and literally broke the axle on our ambulance.  We were way off in an old industrial area on a Sunday and the neighborhood was completely deserted.  Jack (the driver), after checking out the broken axle, said it was shot and asked if I had my cell phone on me.  I didn’t.  He asked Jenny.  Here battery was dead!  So, looking pretty pissed off, Jack started walking back to civilization to find a pay phone.  Jenny was still sitting in the back of the ambulance and called for me to come show her what some of the equipment was used for.Little did I know it was “my equipment” she was interested in exploring!  No sooner did I get into the back with her when she closed the back door, spun around towards me, literally took me down on my back on the gurney and planted a passionate kiss on me.  Well, she didn’t have to ask me twice and before long our clothes were off and we were madly fucking right in the back of the ambulance!  Just as we were both climaxing, we heard a horn beep outside the ambulance!  I peeked out the window and there was Jack riding in a tow truck!  I quickly put back on my uniform, but Jenny’s clothes were near the front, right in view of where Jack would see her if she went to grab them.  Thinking fast, she put on a white lab coat over her naked body and we both slipped out of the back of the ambulance.  Jack was there with a mechanic trying to figure out the best way to tow us back to the station.  As I was facing them, listening,  I saw Jenny had walked around the other side of the ambulance and stood behind them, facing me.  Then, as a very cute stunt, she opened the lab coat to reveal her naked body, reached down to her pussy, stuck her finger inside and then licked her finger while giving me the most delicious sexy smile I’ve ever seen.  Then, she buttoned up, discreetly grabbed her clothes, dressed and told us all that she was already late for another interview and was going to go grab a cab.  With a nod and a wink, Jenny headed towards the main street, leaving me a little stunned, but VERY satisfied how our adventure had unfolded.Months later, her feature story went to print in the LA Times and won several awards.  It did, however, leave out one little story.  My favorite one!


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