The "Luxe Empower" Massager by CalExotics

by Coleen Singer

The 7 Function Silicone Luxe Empower Massager is available in three colors: Black, Blue and Pink and is compact, powerful, and and a welcome addition to the new wave of highly stylized designed discreet pleasure products.

It fits comfortably into even small hands like mine, and ergonomically shaped to make it comfortable to hold for long periods of time for anything from clitoral and nipple stimulation, to couples-play with your partner.

As for strength, this little guy packs a punch for being so compact. The 7 functions range from soft and teasing, to much stronger on the higher settings. A great toy for both solo and partner play, it has lots of diversity to fit the kinky needs and tastes of pretty much everyone. One bonus feature is that it is very quiet, even on the highest settings, so perfect for discreet play at home or while travelling and in a hotel room.

At just under 5” in length, this massager packs away nicely into carry on luggage, or can be tucked away in your bedroom nightstand without taking up very much space.
The clever design lines also tend to conceal that it actually is a vibrator, avoiding the typical winks and chuckles from nosey T.S.A. agents that tend to check my carryon bag most of the time when I am travelling.

Form Follows Function:
To turn this toy on, you simply push the power button. To cycle through the 7 settings, you press the second button above the power button. One press cycles you through each one, and pressing the power button shuts it off and starts you over on cycle one when turned back on.

The 7 functions are:
1.) Long Continuous Soft vibrations
2.) Long Continous more Intensified vibrations
3.) Long Continuous Highest Intensified vibration
4.) Low to high oscillating pattern (soft to stronger vibration)
5.) Long fast pulses, with Setting 2 vibration speed.
6.) “Bumping” pulsating vibration with setting 1 vibrations
7.) Rhythmic oscillating pattern escalating low to high,repeated.

Crafted from luxurious body safe silicone, the Luxe Empower is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower or submerged into the bathtub with no worries of water entering the battery compartment.
The Test Drive

When I first opened the package, I was very impressed by the almost artistic beauty of this toy. The combination of satin-finish silicone with chrome accents give it an almost futuristic appearance. It fit very nicely into my hand, so I snuggled into my arm chair and started playing with the buttons. “WOW! This is NICE” I mused as I cycled through the settings and was brought to climax within just a few minutes. My hubby walked in on me, so, as usual when he catches me “product testing”, I got him into our bed for some partner play. One thing he never likes about most of my vibrators (like the big old Hitachi wands) is that after a very short while of me using it on his penis and balls, he gets numb and then has a hard time reaching an orgasm. What we very quickly found is that on the lower settings, it did not “shut him down”, but rather “turned him on” and after a few minutes of working over his nether regions and nipples, he blissfully went over the edge.

I really like this massager! At a user-friendly suggested retail under $35, it’s nice and compact without sacrificing power in the way that many small discreet toys do. The combination of artistic design, high end engineering and a wide range of functionality, has the Luxe Empower massager on the top of my list for this new year for both solo and couples play!

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