Triple Motor Silicone Jack Rabbit, by California Exotics

by Coleen Singer

Just in time for a little New Year’s celebration of my own, today arrived this very nice new insertion toy for my review.

First Impressions:
My first impression before taking it out of the box was “this thing is HUGE”, but much to my relief, the packaging had simply created an optical illusion  of “super-sized” and, once out of the box, it’s just the right size for me.

Made of pure silicone, it feels very good in the hand, with the great ergonomic design and style elements that I’ve come to enjoy with CalExotics products.

The control buttons are well placed and very intuitive to use (which is good, as it didn’t come with an instruction manual!) and after popping in three AA batteries, I was soon an expert at controlling the 7 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Under the hood of this remarkable high tech product are 3 powerful motors which quite nicely drive 3 speeds of shaft rotation, 3 speeds of shaft vibration.  And, as an unexpected bonus, even with all of this horsepower in the 3 motors, it is remarkably quiet for a device this powerful.

The Test Drive:
 Although the Jack Rabbit is not exceptionally large, I did opt for a generous amount of lubricant to give it a try.  Be sure to always use ONLY a water-based lubricant with this or any other silicone device as oil-based or silicone lubricants can and will damage your toys.

Once inserted, I began to experiment with the various buttons and although the shaft vibration and rotation was “just right” at any speed or direction, the highest speed of the clit vibrator almost sent me through the roof!  At that point, I happily discovered the “Auto Off” button’s purpose and started over, knowing not to put the pedal to the metal on the clit vibrator.

One function that the Jack Rabbit does not include is the “thrust” mode found in a lot of cheap insertion toys.  This, to me, is a blessing, as I am quite capable of thrusting all by myself and find that any thrusting toy I have reviewed was as annoying as being poked by a stick!

To make a long story short, the Jack Rabbit with a little experimentation during my first session with it, did a marvelous job of bringing me to at least three very satisfying deep  orgasms within a short period of time.  And, with its thoughtfully designed contours, cleaning it after use was very easy.

I highly recommend adding the Jack Rabbit to your toy box.  It’s beautifully designed and engineered, the silicone body feels great to the touch, and its 7 multi-tasking vibration and pulsation modes make this one a winner for having the perfect orgasm!