Sex Toy Review: The Nyx Mini Massager, By Key/Jopen

The Nyx Mini Massager, By Key/Jopen

nyx mini massagerby Coleen Singer at Erotica For Women and Couples

The Nyx is one of the medium sized toys in the award-winning Jopen “Key” line of tasteful “personal massagers” that are now gracing the shelves of mainstream retailers (we HAVE come a long way, baby!). This toy is a bit smaller than most traditional style toys, but is larger than extra long bullet toys.

The obvious way to use this pleasure product is for clitoral stimulation. The pointed tip is good for pinpoint stimulation, while the side gives broader vibrations. You also can use this to vibrate the labia, nipples, or, use it on your partner during couples play!

You also can insert this toy vaginally. It has a fair amount of length to it, and it’s smooth enough to make for easy thrusting. Due to the short length though, it is not great for G-Spot stimulation. The other place NOT to use it is for anal insertion as it’s small enough, with no handle, to keep it from slipping inside where I am guessing it would be pretty hard to get back out!

Coleen’s Test Drive:
As expected from Jopen, the packaging, design and ergonomics of the “Nyx” is tasteful and stylish. As the bi-line on the box says, “Sleek, elegant and discreet. What more could you ask for?” and I totally agree!

After reading over the features and instructions (nicely written, by the way), I popped in a AA battery (not included for international shipping reasons I am guessing) and as soon as I turned it on I was blown away!

The well engineered 5 settings are all “different enough” for pretty much any mood or level intensity that I might desire, so I hopped onto the sofa to give it a try.

I began with putting it through its cycles on my nipples, which I find is a good way to test any vibrating products before going right for the clit or inserting it. To my pleasant surprise, all five setting just felt GOOD! This is unusual for me to find all settings on a vibrator as pleasant with just the right amount of power to get the nerve endings excited, but not so intense as to rattle put any dental fillings!

Next, I moved on to vaginal insertion. I think the small design makes it less than great for that for anyone that does not have a very shallow vagina with her G-Spot right up front. Deciding it was fruitless to introduce my G-Spot to the Nyx, I nixed that idea and moved on to the business at hand of seeing how it did on my now pleading for attention clit.

NOW we were talking business! This truly was designed with clitoral play in mind and I pretty quickly almost accidentally climaxed after just a few short tests of each power function. So, taking a little break before bringing on the perfect orgasm, I looked at it a little closer and realized that the silicone exterior was REMOVEABLE and i could easily pull off the sleeve, leaving me with an almost glass-like smooth body for a totally different stimulatory experience.

And what an experience it was! I found that with the silicone sleeve removed, this slippery little guy was now perfect for alternating between vaginal insertion and direct clitoral stimulation. The orgasm that came was swift and magnificent!

The other nice feature of the Nyx was the ease of cleaning it afterwards. the main thing you want to remember though is to clean the actual body of the vibrator BEFORE putting the silicone sleeve back on as I’m guessing if you gummed up the inside of the sleeve, it would take a bottle brush and a toothbrush to clean it out.

The Nyx Mini Massager is a well designed, elegant and discreet toy perfect for business or pleasure travel, and for home use when you need something that can be hidden away in your dresser drawer in the nicely included lint free luxury storage bag that Jopen thoughtfully includes with each product. For me, the 5 vibrating patterns were “just right” and it’s “whisper quiet” motor keeps the noise level from being distracting (or noticed by anyone else in the house or the next-door hotel room).

I highly recommend this product not only for beginners to the sex toy collecting hobby, but also for advanced users that want a mid-sized personal product to augment their toy box inventory.

Well done as always, Key and Jopen!

5″ x 1.25″ / 12.75cm x 3.25cm
5 intense patterns
Sleek and sophisticated glass-like effect body
Use with or without soft and luxurious, body safe silicone sleeve, included
Hold for 3 seconds to turn off anytime
Stainless alloy, easy push button
Soft luxury lint free storage bag included
Whisper quiet
Uses 1 AA battery, not included
One Year Warranty
Suggested Retail Price: $49.95

You Can Get Your Very Own “Nyx” by Clicking Here