Review – Silicone Bendies "O" by CalExotics

Review – Silicone Bendies “O” by CalExotics

Silicone Bendies Review
Silicone Bendies Review

Description and Uses
Silicone Bendies “O” is a traditional vibrator style designed in a way that makes if very “beginner friendly”. As it doesn’t have a flared base it isn’t anal play friendly as lacking a base to prevent complete insertion, it would run the risk of slipping inside and possibly require an embarrassing trip to the doctor for extraction!

For vaginal insertion, this fun pleasure product vibe can be used for regular vaginal play to G-Spot stimulation just by bending it to a curve to achieve the “just right” style to stimulate any individual G-Spot placement.  While not the biggest or longest  vibe, Silicone Bendies “O” measures in at 6.5 inches long with about 6 of those inches being insertable, enough to satisfy most “size queens”!  The thickest part of the Silicone Bendies “O” is 1.5 inches which it at the tip of the bulbous head then it gets thinner in the middle of the shaft. It’s also 100% waterproof, so a nice toy to take into the tub or shower if that’s one of your favorite havens for orgasms.


Silicone Bendies “O” Product Specifications:

– 6” x 1.5”/15.25 cm x 3.75 cm
– 10-function Silicone massagers
– Flexes and bends for multidirectional positioning
– 10 functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation
– Easy touch controller with LED – hold for 3 seconds to turn off
–  3 different texture options. and are available in 3 color options Blue, Pink and Purple.
– Silicone (massager) ABS (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor)
– 3 AAA batteries

Silicone Bendies “O” is made out of silicone, with an  ABS plastic ring at the battery compartment, available with and without silver plating. All the materials used to make the Silicone Bendies “O” are nonporous, latex free, phathalates free, hypoallergenic and body safe.  In some cases with other silicone pleasure products having a draggy feeling to it, this also holds true for the Bendie easily remedied with a little lubricant.

Functions & Design
One of the great and practical features of Silicone Bendies is, as the name implies, it bends to whatever curvature works best for your anatomy, and stays with that bend until you change it.  This simple but brilliant feature allows this product to do “double duty” and saves you from getting separate traditional straight vibrators plus curved G-Spot vibrators, saving not only money for your toy collection, but storage space in your toybox or night stand.

As for the range of vibration modes and patterns,  Silicone Bendies “O” has 10 speed/patterns:  high, medium, low in steady vibrations followed by different speeds of pulsations available to explore for just the right intensity and pattern of vibration.  One somewhat unusual design feature is when you first turn it on, it is in the highest steady vibration power and pattern.  So, if you like to start a little slower and ramp things up, just be mindful when you turn it on, to turn it down to avoid a bit of premature over-stimulation!  Luckily, this toy does have a “memory” and the next time it will simply return to the mode it was in the last time you turned it off.

As for my usual concern about vibrators being so loud and buzzy that it sets all the dogs off barking, the Silicone Bendie is not buzzy at all.  A little rumbly, but not so loud as to alert the family what you are doing upstairs.

The Silicone Bendies “O” is powered up with a single push button on the bottom of the battery cap. To turn it off, simply hold the power button down for 3-5 seconds. When turned on, the frosted circle around the power button will illuminate, as well as flash to the different patterns when used (a little bit like a 1970s disco dance floor if you have a crush on John Travolta!).

As for it being a discreet pleasure product in appearance, it’s not.  It looks like nothing other than a vibrator, so if you like to travel with a sex toy, you might want to explore other devices on the market to avoid winks and giggles from the TSA airport security guys when they inspect your carry-on luggage.

As the Silicone Bendie is not in the new trendy “luxury products” range, the packaging is a simple plastic casing with the unit and a little instruction guide inside.  Sorry – no satin-lined designer storage box for this one, but the packaging does the job to get it to you clean and undamaged.

Care & Storage
As the Silicone Bendie is smooth silicone, cleanup is easy using any commercial antibacterial toy cleaner, antibacterial hand soap or even baby-wipes.  If you do share your toys with others, always go the extra step and clean the toy with a 10% Bleach/90% solution, soaking it for a few minutes and then giving it a thorough rinse in hot water.  It’s also a good idea to give this and all insertables a quick wipe-down with antibacterial baby wipes prior to use, especially if you stored it in any sort of cloth bag which almost always put some lint and other things you don’t want inside of you on the shaft. A better storage option might be zip-lock bags.  Not exactly elegant, but keep things clean and dry.

Lube Compatibility
As with all silicone-based sex toys, it is recommended that you only use water-based lubricants. There are a few silicone-based lubes on the market, and if you prefer these, just be careful to test a small dab of it on the toy, leaving it there for 10 minutes and seeing if any cloudiness or other reaction is happening.  If there is no reaction after the lube sitting on the silicone for a few minutes you should be fine to use it.

Test Drive
Being somewhat of a techno-geek that likes to fiddle around with controls and product features, I had a great deal of fun with the Silicone Bendie.  My favorite feature of this product is the ability to bend it into countless curves and over the course of the hour I tested out this toy, I found at least 3 bend shapes and 5 vibration patterns that brought me to very satisfying orgasms.

One thing I did have a bit of trouble with was the single control button.  It’s VERY sensitive and a few times when my lubed hand slipped, I ended up accidentally changing the intensity and pattern to something unintended and then needed to mess around with it to get it back into the mode I had set up.  I suspect if I wasn’t so liberal with my lube, it wouldn’t have gotten away from me, but that’s really the only part of my experience that was less than great.

I’ve gotten a little spoiled the last year with the new wave of “luxury pleasure products” that come with satin storage boxes, and every feature short of going to to get the mail for me, but I found this product to be a very solid sex toy that does exactly what it is intended to do without a lot of retail “window dressing” features.  It’s good and powerful, has a vast array of settings and bend possibilities, and is a great addition to the “high quality beginners range” of products that is often neglected by the pleasure products manufacturers these days.

As for pricing, at around $30 at most online shops, the Silicone Bendie provides great value at a very reasonable cost.

[FTC Disclaimer: I was provided with this product for free in exchange for an unbiased and accurate review.]