Sex Toy Review: The "Comet Wand", from the Key Collection by Jopen

Sex Toy Review: The “Comet Wand”, from the Key Collection by Jopen

comet1By Coleen Singer

In this day and age when most every sex toy is battery operated, wireless, interacts with your smart phone, and has built in GPS and Twitter feeds, the Comet Wand is a delightfully simple, non-vibrating elegant device for G-Spot stimulation.  The business end is made of glass, and the handle is wrapped in 100% silicone that feels great to the touch.  The benefit of this combination of glass and silicone is that both are 100% safe, chemical free and very easy to keep clean. When the package arrived, I was immediately impressed with the traditional elegant packaging that is the hallmark of Jopen products.  Discreet and not even a little cheesy. (Well, the Comet Slogan “Lay back and enjoy the ride” might be a “little” cheesy, but it’s a cute touch for the packaging). Inside the box is the Comet Wand, comfortably nestled in a form fitting bed in case you want to save the box for storage.  It also comes with a lint-free black velvet storage bag for more compact storage.

Upon picking it up, I was impressed with the nice feel of the silicone handle (it’s actually made from Sin-Etsu silicone, a brand that’s used in healthcare and aerospace), as well as the very elegant design lines and weight balance.  So, off to work I went!

Coleen’s Test Drive:
As it is a glass wand, I didn’t use any lubricant and this guy slide right in with absolutely no drag, and due to the well thought out and tested design, almost instantly found it’s natural position to rest against my often illusive G-Spot.  My most positive experience was that as it is not a vibrating gadget with complex controls, I had the almost Luddite thrill of a “no tech” ride on my G-Spot that did the trick very quickly and left me feeling breathlessly in control of the entire operation!


The Comet is light weight and elegant. It measures just over 7.5 inches, but if it’s measured from end to end along the curve, it’s 9.5 inches. At it’s widest point at the bulb, it’s 5 inches in circumference and tapers down to about 3.5 inches at the handle. And, as an added bonus, the Comet is a light 8 ounces. It’s got just the right amount of weight to help with the task at hand, but not so much as to cause your hand to cramp or require switching hands in mid-stream.

This intelligently-designed dildo’s glass can be heated or cooled for thrilling hot and cold pleasure games.  Simply have a pitcher of ice water and a pitcher of hot water nearby and you can have all kinds of fun exploring hot, cold and “just right”.

I highly recommend the Comet, particularly for those new to using sex toys as it is simple, tasteful and does exactly what it is intended to do without a lot of fussing around learning how to use it!  The price tag of an average of $89 may feel a little steep for a device that doesn’t vibrate, check your email or remotely program the microwave, but the sheer quality of the materials used in manufacturing insure that the Comet will look and work as good as new for decades to come.

Specs and Other Features:

•    5” insertable length, 1½” wide G-Spot tip
•    Gorgeous color choices with clear glass handle
•    Glass core dipped in ultra-smooth body-safe silicone
•    Rounded tip for expert G-Spot stimulation
•    Ergonomic shaping for easy use
•    Firm for best sensation
•    Great for temperature play
•    Stainless steel alloy detail in handle
•    Includes FREE satin storage bag

You can get your very own Key “Comet Wand” by clicking here.