Sex Toy Review: the "Ceres G Spot Massager" by Jopen's Key Line of Vibrators

“Ceres G Spot Massager” by Jopen’s Key Line of Vibrators

ceres-g-spot-vibratorby Coleen Singer at Erotica For Women and Couples

With designer colors and a tres chic design, the Ceres G Spot Massager is the vibe for women that appreciate high end design, elegance and understatement in their sex toys specifically intended for G Spot stimulation.  The Ceres G Spot isn’t scary to look at, but it does have a staggering price and lacks serious G spot stimulation due to its straight-on shaft design.  But read on for other benefits that more than make up for this..

In the usual style of Jopen, the packaging is elegant, understated and discreet. New on this toy’s packaging is a feature list in English, German, French, Spanish and even Russian, so no matter if you take it on a trip to Madrid or Moscow, the Ceres G will always speak the native language!  Inside the box, the Ceres G Spot is nestled into a form fitting foam container for future storage use, and a lint-free velvet drawstring pouch is also included for more compact storage and travel. The Ceres G Massager is made up of plastic and silicone. The vibrators shaft is 100% safe silicone, and unlike many other insertion toys, has a bit of “give” to it when in use, leading to a pleasant feel that is still able to stimulate specific spots when you apply pressure.

The silicone is non-porous with a velvety finish that causes a bit of “drag” during use, so lube is recommended for this product. One nice touch that offsets this is there are no bumps or ridges on the shaft, so once lubed just right, it moves around very nicely under your control.

At the top of the shaft, there begins a plastic base with a very attractive glossy finish on top of which sites the sole button to control the various functions. There are seven different patterns that each press of the button will bring you to, but you have to hold the button down in order to turn the toy off; that’s the only way to turn it off. No matter what setting you were on when the toy is powered off, you’ll always start at the first pattern when you turn the toy back on, it doesn’t hold your place. The button is very sensitive and turns on very easily.

Coleen’s Test Drive:
After taking the Ceres out of the VERY attractive packaging and inserting the required 2 AA batteries, I put my new toy through its paces.  I found the Ceres had very nice balance in my hand, and the control button was very easy to use to try out the various patterns.  Although it is billed as a G-Spot vibrator (which it did very well, by the way!), it also did very well for clitoral stimulation.  My only disappointment was the lack of horsepower in the unit.  I was expecting a toy this big to really pack a punch, but it just doesn’t have the power of other Jopen products.  I’m guessing that the engineers erred on the side of caution as it is a “one button does all” design with no variable speed controls.  It is, however, probably just the right amount of vibration for most gals, and the perfect ergonomics of the Ceres more than make up for the relatively subdued intensity of vibration.  I did manage to have a very pleasant G-Spot orgasm!  Cleanup was easy due to the nice design with no ridges or bumps and the Ceres now has a home in my toy box for future play.

Manufacturer’s Description and Specs:

With 7 vibration patterns, major power, and a G-Spot pleasing shape, you’ll unlock a whole new world of pleasure with the Key By Jopen Ceres G-Spot Vibrator. This pretty pink 7 ½” silicone vibrator is crafted to reach deep and hit your G-Spot just right. The shaft widens from 1” to a thick 1½” rounded tip that sends all that power directly to your inner hot spot! Just tap the control button to cycle through 7 intense functions including pulses, waves, and patterns.

• Smooth high quality silicone surface
• ABS base with stainless alloy control
• 7½” long, 5½” insertable length
• 1” shaft
• 1 ½” rounded G-Spot tip
• Tip-focused motor
• Firm yet flexes for comfort
• 7 powerful vibration functions
• Includes free storage bag
• 2 AA batteries (sold separately)

You can buy your very own Ceres G Massager HERE for $69.99 (free shipping!)