Review: "Light The Spark"

Review: “Light The Spark”

light-the-spark-smallby Coleen Singer

In all the years I have been reviewing adult intimacy products, I am always so pleased when one arrives that is truly fresh and creative. When I opened my “Light The Spark” review sample, the contents literally screamed “tasteful” and “erotic” all in the same breath. This is a very nice collection of sexy and well-combined products in one kit that is intended for date nights with your partner to add a little zip to your romance, something to take along on a honeymoon, and also perfect for “non-shocking” but much-appreciated bridal or “baby moon” gifts. Included in the upscale packaging are some sensual bath soaps and lotions, a very sweet little vibrator well-concealed in a lipstick holder, an bottle of amazing water-based lubricant, little “game cards” for the couple to use to get things going, a fantastic big black Ostrich feather, and a pair of satin blindfolds to add a little “Fifty Shades Of Grey” for the final touch (bring your own Christian Grey neckties!).

The other thing i REALLY liked about this intimacy kit is the amount of love and care that the producers of this put into it. Their words below say it all, and make them stand out in the otherwise crowded and often “dirty-feeling” pack of sex toys and products:

Connecting with your partner is important but sometimes it’s hard to be on the same page, especially when it comes to intimacy. Date nights are a great time to catch up with your partner but sometimes it turns into more a meeting than a time for being a couple.

Making a plan for a great date night starts with finding a place and time that you can be relaxed and have fun. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a quiet night at home, date night is what you make it. And if you want to surprise your partner, an intimacy kit provides a sense of adventure.

Light the Spark Intimacy Kits have been created to help couples communicate more directly about what they want. The kits include an intimacy guide and menu so you can let you partner know what you want to do and what you don’t. The most important part of intimacy is being understood.

Light the Spark Intimacy Kits contain only premium elements like an organic Madagascar vanilla candle that creates massage oil, chinese silk eye mask, organic aromatherapy soap that enhances libido, all natural personal lubricant, discreet lipstick vibrator, and the intimacy menu.

Final Conclusion From Coleen:
This is a great kit created by some very heartfelt people that want nothing more than to enhance your romantic and sensual relationships. The other thing that I really like about this kit is that it is made by a small, independent domestic company that takes an obvious amount of great care in what they are producing. Get one today for yourself, and an extra to keep on hand for upcoming bridal showers! 

You can purchase your very own “Light The Spark” Date Night Kit here.