Review: Gyration Sensations "Gyrating Lover 3" From CalExotics

Review: Gyration Sensations “Gyrating Lover 3” From CalExotics

by Jayne Hathaway

In this month’s bundle of joy for review from California Exotics, the Gyration Sensations Gyrating Lover 3 vibrator arrived.

gyrationI found myself having the same initial impression that other reviewers have stated upon looking at the packaging…. “Hmmm….. This doesn’t look very high tech or cool” but being the dutiful toy tester and avoiding judging a book by its cover, I opened the box to give it a test drive.  I was also a little creeped out by the picture of it on the packaging in which the photoshop artist tried to show “gyration”, but ended up with something that looked either like a little dog’s tail wagging, or maybe the image of a wiggling raw hot dog (‘fess up gals. We have all wiggled a raw hot dog just for entertainment!).  But, I banished these disturbing images from my mind and dove into exploration…..

First Impressions:

The Gyrating Lover 3 actually gave me a very pleasant surprise when I ran it through its paces.
No. it doesn’t have surprise hidden functions or anything like that.  In all respects it is exactly what it is — a well-made, functional no-frills, basic battery operated vibrator.  What did almost immediately strike me that this little guy has some horsepower under the hood and in this day and age of “smart toys”, I soon realized I actually appreciated the simplicity of the design and functions.  Additional bonus: It’s inexpensive to the point I might buy a case of them to give away as holiday gifts if I ever move into a Dianic Separatist Community!

• Deep, rumbly vibration for discrete audio output
• Variable/incremental speeds – the power adjusts with the twist of the bottom like a dial
• Powerful enough to use as a clit vibrator
• Well-sized for vaginal and anal insertion (1.25” diameter)
• Waterproof
• AFFORDABLE! – MSRP $17.99 with prices even lower on some websites
• Unscented and phthalate free

• Takes C batteries. Although the perfect diameter battery for the toy, C cells are not something that I tend to keep an inventory of, so my poor hubby had to stop off at Radio Shack on the way home before I could fully test it.
• No flared handle or lanyard string for extraction so be very very careful if you decide to try this for anal insertion.

The Test Drive Experience:

As this little guy is so simple, I went straight to work to see how it would perform. I liked the fact that it covers a pretty large area of the clit (similar to a Hitachi) rather than the pointy little ears of the traditional Rabbits that just tend to annoy me due to the intense, focused area of clit vibration.

The silky body-safe material (ABS. NOT silicone, but phthalate free ) made it very easy to hang on to at all times, with the “volume knob” well placed at the other end, making experimentation of intensity very easy compared to some of the fancier new toys that have an instrument panel similar to the Space Shuttle to operate them.

It performed best for clit and vaginal insertion (G-Spot stim was not really feasible due to the design, but I have plenty of G-Spot toys aleady).  I was pretty careful not to insert it too far anally as it does not have a flared base or lanyard to prevent it getting sucked in and requiring an embarrassing trip to the E.R..


This is a great addition to any toy box for a simple, inexpensive, well designed and powerful battery operated toy.  Easy to clean, small enough for air travel, and quiet enough to use when the in-laws are visiting.  Give it a try.  It costs less than 3 cups of Starbucks Coffee and definitely won’t give you heartburn!

You can get your own Gyrating Lover 3 by Clicking Here