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Jayne Hathaway

Jayne Hathaway is a feature columnist and sex toy reviewer at Sssh.com.After her long career as a burlesque performer and lecturer on post-modern feminism in and around Boston, she now lives in blissful seclusion in Vermont with her 5 Labrador Retrievers and a neurotic African Grey Parrot. When not taking care of her Llama breeding micro ranch and sugaring off maple syrup, she enjoys knitting, reviewing sex toys and writing about sex positive issues.

No relation to Nancy Kulp's character on "The Beverly Hillbillies", she indeed was the character that "Miss Jane" was based on via a chance late-night sexual encounter she had with the TV show's creator, Paul Henning (also creator of Petticoat Junction and Green Acres), in 1960 to organize the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy.

Jayne remains a little pissed to this day for this 1961 "identity theft" by the TV studio, but is not making a big deal about it.
Jayne Hathaway

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    Power Play Dual Pleaser Vibratorby Jayne Hathaway at Sssh.com Erotica For Women

    Power Play Dual Pleaser Vibrator is a silky soft flexible Silicone stimulator with 3 intense speeds. It comes with an ergonomically curved controller with easy push button control. Waterproof for play in and out of the water. Safe and pure for body pleasure made using phthalate free materials: Silicone sleeve, button, ABS plastic with polyurethane PU Cote controller, ABS plastic with silver plating decoration. Vibrating sex toy requires 4 AAA batteries, not included. Bulk weight 6.7 ounces. 3.75 inches by 1.25 inches shaft. 5 inches by 3 inches overall.

    Available in Blue, Purple and Pink

    This silky little pleasure powerhouse was designed to be enjoyed hands-free. Easily enhancing just about any erotic scenario, be it solo or shared. Curved into a supple ‘C’ like shape with two distinct ends, one contoured to nestle snugly against the nerve-ending rich upper vaginal wall. The other dramatically bulbous and positioned to thrill outer sweet spots can be rocked in hand for more intense massage, or simply left alone to work its magic.

    Aside from the hands-free pleasure potential- simply insert the dual pleaser, lay back, and enjoy. You’ll be able to grind on a surface, moving the head inside and against you, it can also be used during partner play, provided your mate’s fingers, penis or the dildo you’re using together will fit alongside the insertable shaft. The incredibly powerful vibration is all thanks to three incredible intense speeds of vibration that is placed deep within the core of the toy. One touch of a push button on the remote activates the toe curling vibration. The motor of the vibe transmits perfectly throughout the entire vibe, ensuring orgasmically well-rounded stimulation.

    When the Power Play™ Dual Pleaser arrived for my review, my first impression was “Cool! A double ended toy for all kinds of fun!”  Although it wasn’t immediately clear to me what the inteded function of the smaller nub was (clitoral? anal?) it felt good to the touch and a very nice ergonomic design to allow for easy handling.

    Seeing it was waterproof, I decided to try this one out in the bathtub.

    Once settled into the tub, I lubed the Power Play up and gave it a test drive.  The 3 levels of vibration were just right in the Goldilocks paradigm of “not too cold, not too hot, and just right!”.  It is a bit loud, so I was happy that I tried it out under water as not to alarm the family downstairs!

    As for the “Dual Pleasure” feature, I pretty quickly discovered that this toy is far better for vaginal + anal play as it’s not set up in a way to easily touch the clitoris while inserted. However, after a bit of experimentation, I found it did a great job of giving a very nice vaginal experience while adding that great extra little bump of some anal stimulation.

    Caring for silicone is simple. Do not put any motorized toy in the dishwasher or boiling pan because the heat can damage the motor. These toys should be washed the follow ways…

    Toy cleaners
    Antibacterial soap and thorough rinsing
    10% bleach and 90% water with thorough rinsing

    The Power Play™ Dual Pleaser  is an affordable double penetration vibrator made from quality silicon materials, but forgoes any fancy packaging and such to keep the price reasonable. It’s a little buzzy and loud, but the ergonomics are good, and it is long enough to reach even the most deeply hidden G-Spots with the added bonus of giving anal stimulation at the same time.  Although it’s more of a specialty toy for special occasions, it comes at a very nice price and the perfect extra item to keep around when a little double-stimulation play is desired.

    Jayne Hathaway is a columnist and pleasure product reviewer at Sssh.com.

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