Lia Pleaser 2, by California Exotic Novelties

Lia Pleaser 2, by California Exotic Novelties

by Ava Mir-Ausziehen

The Lia Pleaser 2 has that sort of fresh faced, cutesy, bubbly packaging that makes it very approachable. While it does look a bit like a purple tentacle (20 000 Leagues Under the Sea fetish, anyone?), the slender, curved form is nice. Use it one way and it stimulates your G-spot, use it the other way and you get an interesting internal anal stimulation.

liaThis is great if you are intrigued by anal but aren’t ready to or interested in going for full-on penetration, or if you are just looking for a new sensation (as I always am). The three sucker-like rims along the shaft make for great clit stimulation as you slide it in and out if you draw the shaft up against yourself. Prefer to buzz your clit? Since the motor vibrates mainly in the tip of the toy, this can work as an external vibe as well.

Two buttons, one to turn it on and off and another to switch between vibrating modes, are conveniently located where your hands hold the toy (no need to mess with the contraption mid-use). The modes include three steady buzzes of increasing intensity. While the claim of an “Extreme Power Motor” seems a little exaggerated, these are certainly quite strong – but I have admitted before that I enjoy fairly intense vibrations. Seven programmed modes are included: pulsing, which is nice, and some incremental settings that wax and wane. These are perfect for teasing yourself, getting more and more intense before dropping back down and starting the process all over again. Other modes mix it up in an unpredictable way, providing a good lesson in the art of abandoning oneself to mystery! I typically prefer steady buzzes but admit I had fun playing with these modes and not knowing what was going to come (no pun intended) next. And since two separate buttons on either side of the mechanism control the function and the power, you are less likely to accidentally switch it off as you explore the modes. Just be sure to remember which button does what!

Made of pure silicone, the Lia Pleaser 2 is safe and easy to clean. It takes two AA batteries (not included), which fit into a slim compartment at the base. With some toys I have found that eventually, the connectivity with the batteries gets lost as the chamber loosens, leading to unfortunate breakdowns, but this seems solid and tight fitting. The base also has a small hole; useful I suppose if you want to hang this up by a string on some medieval torture device rack, or in the garage with the power tools. That the base is tight is desirable, since the toy claims to be waterproof! While I hesitate to fully submerge anything but the most specialized of water toys, you could certainly feel safe using this in the shower. I have always found that, contrary to logic, water creates friction, so you want to use a water-based lubricant with this. Avoid silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys – chemical reactions can eventually degrade the product. I have heard tales of ‘second generation’ silicone lubricants, supposedly suitable for silicone toys, but am less familiar with these.

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Sexy, slim, and well made, this is a great teaser toy. If you prefer a little more girth this will fall short. At $46.99, this is a reasonably priced, basic but well-made toy.


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