Review – Dr. Joel Kaplan Power Stroker, from California Exotics

Review – Dr. Joel Kaplan Power Stroker, from California Exotics

By Coleen Singer (with some help from her husband, Dan Singer)

When my new package of pleasure products arrived from California Exotics for my reviews, I was a bit confused when I discovered a male masturbation toy, the “Power Stroker” in the box!

Power Stroker
The Power Stroker, From California Exotics

Hmmmm….  How is a gal supposed to review this item? But, luckily, I am graced with a helpful hubby that has often helped me review many toys for women, and figured he would be willing to do his first “solo” review with a male masturbation toy.  Dan sort of stalled for quite a while in testing this out.  Each time I would remind him, I got that “blank stare” which is akin to the one I get when I ask him if he has organized our walk-in closet yet.  Finally, I just came out and asked him and, much to my surprise, he said he felt a little uncomfortable about trying out a male masturbation aid.  Imagine that!  The stereotype of women avoiding adult toys and movies because it felt “pornie” also applied to my dear, liberal, and usually adventurous spouse!

Taking a different approach, I suggested that we do the review together, with me in the driver’s seat and all he would have to do is lay back and enjoy my undivided attention.  THAT worked!

[On a side note, curious about what other men were saying in reviews of male masturbation toys in general on the internet, I was dumbfounded to discover an almost complete absence of men reviewing such toys. Are men really a bit prudish after all?  The exception to this is cuckholding and CBT devices, which men seem to LOVE to talk about at great length (or maybe their Mistress simply orders them to write reviews!)]

So, off to bed we went to give it a try.

As I was the one that agreed to “drive”, I got to be the one to take it out of the box and plastic bag to give it a washing before trying it out on Dan’s nervously awaiting penis.  The first thought that came to mind once it was in my hand is it felt a little creepy, in a tactile way.  Sort of like a big gummy bear that has somehow been re-purposed into a male masturbation aid. But, after banishing that macabre thought from my mind, I gave it a good washing in the bathroom sink and went to work.

Upon hopping into bed with the Power Stroker, it became readily apparent that I was going to need to keep it out of sight and apply a bit of skillful oral foreplay to get Dan’s attention for the test drive.

After having “achieved liftoff”, I slipped the well lubed toy on Dan’s member and immediately noticed a combination of surprise and pleasure on his face.  In his moaning and mumbling, I was able to make out him saying things like, “Wow.  Good.  Nice.  Slippery. Tight. Ummmm.  Ohhhhh…..”  The Coup de Gras was when i tried out the “suction” feature by simply plugging up the hole at the other end with my finger. I’m not sure if it was the sheer novelty of the toy, or the sensations it was providing, but let’s just say Dan didn’t last long and had a rather dramatic orgasm inside the device.

Power StrokerMy last concern was how to clean this toy after use, but found to my tidy satisfaction that it was easy to turn inside out, making cleaning a snap.

Summary:  The Power Stroker is a great addition to the small collection of sex toys for men that some guys own.

Manufacturer Description:

From the Joel Kaplan collection of toys geared firmly toward male pleasure, the Power Stroker is a classic masturbator with an extra soft, stretchy design and fantastically ribbed interior that’s chambered into three distinct suction chambers.

Presenting an irresistible, non-detailed opening, the Stroker immediately clings to the skin, warms to the touch and keeps it’s shape like real skin. Fitting comfortably in hand for perfect control, the outer portion of the sleeve can be squeezed to customize your ideal amount of friction, plus, the open ended back can be covered with a finger to increase suction, if desired.

California Exotic’s extra plush, maintenance free TPR material comprises the Stroker, the extra supple jelly is easy to clean, body safe and compatible with both water and silicone lube formulas. The Stroker is approximately 5 1/2 inches (14cm)long and stretches to fit most men. Phthalate free.


6″ x 2.5″/15.25 cm x 6.25 cm
Extra long, soft, tight and stretchy masturbator
Life-like design with 3 suction chambers for powerful results
2 open ends for easy cleaning
Maintenance free


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