OK – But What Kind of Rock n’ Roll Do They Listen To?

We’re all familiar with the old cliche about “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll,” but who knew there was scientific research about it? Well, OK — the scientific research is really just a survey, and it’s only about the “sex and drugs” part, but that’s not stopping Calico from speculating about how rock n’ roll and other musical genres would figure into these areas of behavioral science, if only researchers would add music as a variable in their inquiries.

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Among other things, Calico’s certain a good percentage of respondents would favor a certain Jimmy Buffet song (if only for its sentiments, more so than its melody and harmony), while others might prefer pairing EDM with their MDMA and chosen sexual positions.

Other things are less certain, like which sort of classic rock aging stoners might prefer and the extent to which disco might be preferred over progressive rock by people in Calico’s own age group. Either way, the bottom line is clear: More research is needed — and it’s research Calico is quite willing to undertake on her own. Read all about it in her latest post, “OK – But What Kind of Rock n’ Roll Do They Listen To?

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn For Women and Couples

As Ian Dury once sang:

Sex and drugs and rock and roll

Is all my brain and body need

Sex and drugs and rock and roll

Are very good indeed

Whether you agree with Dury or not, it appears a decent percentage of the population agrees that some combination of the first two items on his list, sex and drugs, is a very good thing indeed.

Survey Says: Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?

While it’s not exactly rock n’ roll, there’s another song which came to mind as I read about the survey results drawn from responses offered in a recent iteration of the Global Drug Survey. That song, of course, is Jimmy Buffet’s “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?

As noted by Gizmodo’s Ed Cara, “roughly 60 percent of both genders said they had drank before sex in the past.”

Of course, admitting that you “drank” before sex isn’t quite the same thing as admitting you’ve gotten shitfaced before having sex, but what fun would it be to assume these people meant they’d consumed a half-glass of wine, versus an entire bottle of tequila, or several “hurricanes” from Pat O’Brien’s in the French Quarter?

More Detail Needed (OK… Maybe I Should Say ‘Wanted’)

Because I’m frugal (read: “cheap”), I’m not going to pay for access to the full paper which relates this data – the rather cumbersomely-titled “Substance-Linked Sex in Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual Men and Women: An Online, Cross-Sectional ‘Global Drug Survey’ Report.”

According to Cara, though, the substances which round out the top-three drugs respondents reported using before sex are cannabis (“slightly more than a third of men and about a quarter of women”) and MDMA (“ecstasy”), which about 15% of both men and women reported having taken before sex.

These results don’t surprise me, considering how popular smoking pot is and ecstasy’s reputation as a sex-enhancing drug. The results do fill me with questions though, including what other substances ranked high enough to be worthy of mention.

“Other drugs included ketamine…. “poppers” and sildenafil citrate (Viagra),” Cara reports.

I suppose mixing those drugs with sex makes sense, too – especially Viagra, seeing as how some of the guys taking it might not get as far into a sexual encounter as they’d like to without swallowing a bit of the stuff.

Still, I wonder what else lurks further down in the list of responses. How many reported huffing glue before going down on their partners, for instance? Among them, did any report making a subsequent trip to the emergency room, due to stray Crazy Glue causing their partners genitals to become affixed to their face, causing them to become accidental reality television stars?

More Cross-Referencing = More Entertaining Analytical Opportunities

Bringing things back to where I started this post, it seems to me the Global Drug Survey is missing a major opportunity for social science-insight by not asking respondents what kind of music they enjoy listening to while their high on drugs and having sex.

I mean, who wouldn’t be curious to know how EDM stacks up against GBH when it comes to people having sex on GHB, for example? Are stoners aged 45-60 more likely to crank up disco or Dark Side of the Moon while they’re sweating up the sheets? Does anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, still listen to Nickelback, no matter how high they get?

I’d delve into all this further myself, except that as I write this, it’s Wednesday evening – which means it’s officially “Peyote, Oral Sex and Tori Amos Night” at the Rudasill household.

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