A Male Escort, Hmmm…

By Coleen Singer at sssh.com

Calling all men…if you’ve ever wondered what to do with your fabulous body, charming conversational skills and graceful bedroom technique, maybe you should think about becoming a male escort. It’s not only a way to make your own hours and justify your expensive personal trainer: it’s also a bit like doing social work!

Duncan Black (ooh even his name makes him sound dishy) is one of the escort industry’s most sought-after professionals. He’s recently been nominated for two awards in the equivalent of the industry’s Oscar competition known as “The Hookies”: Best Ass and Best Newcomer (says this article from The Daily Beast). He not only earns a living spending quality time with clients, but also makes porn for the studio known as CockyBoys (with whom he has an exclusive contract).

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Black started out doing some porn work but left the business after some unpleasant experiences on the job in Florida. He then worked as a sandwich maker in Minnesota and somehow made the transition to being a very well-paid companion and date for paying customers. He now travels around to accommodate the many requests for his time. He refers to himself as a “rentboy” but “not a hooker” because, he says, he charges money for his time, and not necessarily for sex..

He says most of his clientele are older men, and that much of the time sex is not even involved. Which is interesting, because one of the most prevalent myths about escort work is that it’s about being a good looking date for a wealthy socialite, as opposed to what some might call a very expensive prostitute.

The interesting thing about reading Black’s comments is seeing that he feels he has complete autonomy in his work (unlike sandwich making, where I imagine it’s all “Could you put a bit less mayo on that?” and “What kind of bread do you have?”) and that he also thinks he offers a helpful presence to men who are uncomfortable being open about the sexual orientation:

“I’ve had clients tell me about their coming-out stories, how if it weren’t for escorts, that they’d have probably committed suicide. They don’t have someone to talk to, but with escorts, they can talk about their sexuality and their feelings. These are people in their forties and fifties… I think there’s a social service involved in the work as well.”

He sounds adorable, doesn’t he? Black admits to some sexual identity issues growing up; he dated a lot of girls, mainly to prove to his sister and her friends he wasn’t gay (they used to tease him, as kids do). Now, he says, he remains close with his family and his parents are okay with what he does for a living: “My mom’s excited about it!” he says, “she’s happier I’m doing this than working as a manager at Jimmy John’s.”

Maybe you’re thinking: “Hmm, yeah, that’s all well and good for hunky 23 year old Duncan Black, but what about older escorts? And what about escorts who specialize in making women happy? Are they in demand too?”

Why yes, they are! And they’re more apt to be called gigolos (like that great old song). In fact there’s a series on Showtime about them (called GIGOLOS, you saw that coming, right?) and a few of the stars have recently signed contracts to write their “sexoirs” (I guess that means “memoirs about sex”) for Amazon’s e-book platforms.

The guys in the show (which is set in Las Vegas, the city of legal sex work) are mainly straight male escorts, a whole different industry, obviously, and one which carries different connotations. They’ve had some interesting adventures as lotharios for hire, and just might turn the romance novel genre on its head…If you like a good steamy read, maybe you’ll want to read these erotic page-turners when they come out! Heck, with your e-reader, you can even hide under the covers with them…

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