Just In Case, Maybe Still Refrain From Saying “You Smell Sexy”

In her frequent reading on the human quest for sexy sexual satisfaction, Calico has run across all sorts of tips, tricks, theories and observations concerning the biggest contributing factors to having great sex. From advice on how to communicate more effectively with your partner to scientific research which looks for connections between genetic traits and differing levels of sexual satisfaction, she’s read it all — or so she thought.

One possibility Calico had never considered and one question she’s never asked, has just been investigated by a German research team: Do people with a good sense of smell enjoy sex more than the rest of us?

According to the researchers — who tested their theories using devices called “Sniffin’ Sticks” (yes, really) — “women with high olfactory sensitivity reported a higher frequency of orgasms during sexual intercourse,” and “the experience of sexual interactions appears to be enriched by olfactory input.”

On its face, this seems like good news for people blessed with a good sense of smell. Still, Calico has questions. One of those questions is: Does it matter what the “olfactory input” is, or is one smell as good as the next? She also thinks for some readers, especially heterosexual male ones, exercising caution with this new information may be advised. Read all about it in Calico’s latest post: Just In Case, Maybe Still Refrain From Saying “You Smell Sexy”

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn For Women Movies

As part of humanity’s ongoing quest to figure out which factors contribute to a greater enjoyment of sex, we get exposed to a lot of wildly different opinions about the key to having thoroughly enjoyable sex.

People often put a number on the contributing factors, as in “The 5 Keys To Great Sex” or “10 Unfiltered Sex Tips for the Best Action You’ve Ever Gotten,” or “13 Common Home Repairs: Tips & Tricks.”

Wait, please disregard that last one. That link was just in my cache because I’m thinking about trying to fix our leaky kitchen faucet myself – rather than wait a week for my husband to try, give up and call out some expensive plumbing service we can’t afford.

At any rate, when people aren’t busying themselves trying to figure out if there’s something they can do to make having sex more enjoyable, they’re busy trying to figure out if there’s some innate, ingrained reason other people enjoy sex more (or less) than they do, or enjoy having it more often, or are better at fixing faucets than they are.

OK, that’s the last time I’m bringing up the sink – I promise. (Sort of… Maybe.)

Does This Mean Sommeliers Get Off REALLY Hard?

For all my reading on sexual pleasure, how to enhance it, who experiences more of it and the like, there’s one question I’d never asked myself prior to today: Do people with a good sense of smell intrinsically enjoy sex more than the rest of us?

If the authors of a study entitled “Olfactory Function Relates to Sexual Experience in Adults” are to be believed, the answer may be yes.

“The experience of sexual interactions appears to be enriched by olfactory input,” the researchers concluded. “We discuss that the perception of certain body odors may contribute to the concept of sexual pleasure by enhanced recruitment of reward areas.”

I don’t know what “recruitment of reward areas” involves, but before we even get to that, I gotta ask: Does it matter what the “olfactory input” is?

Seriously, I should think that the better a person’s sense of smell, the less they’d enjoy their partner farting during sex, just to cite one not-so-pleasant source of potential olfactory input which might be offered while doing the deed.

That said, assuming the researchers are correct about this connection between the sense of smell and enjoyment of sex, I figure sommeliers must be among the most sexually satisfied people in the world – or at least within the wine section of the snooty “fine foods” grocery store up the street from here.

Apply This Knowledge With Caution, Fellas

While they raise an intriguing possibility with their “odor thresholds” and “Sniffin’ Sticks” (yes, really, they used something called “Sniffin’ Sticks” in conducting this research), it should be noted the study involved only 70 people, which is not a particularly large sample.

And while its interesting to hear that “women with high olfactory sensitivity reported a higher frequency of orgasms during sexual intercourse,” I do think people – and straight men, in particular – ought to exercise caution when trying to act on the conclusions of the researchers.

For example, when crafting new pickup lines, “Hey baby, want to smell my crotch?” is an invitation which should NOT make the list.

Also, if I were you, I’d tread carefully in dishing out odor-related compliments, especially to women with whom you’re not already intimately familiar. Frankly, “you smell sexy,” even if clearly offered as high praise, just isn’t something I want to hear from a stranger, in any context.

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