Erotic Art Series: Part 5 – Best Erotic Books

One of the greatest things about erotica lies in the fact that it comes in many faces, shapes, and forms, all depending on an individual perception of it including books. And while one may dream about finding their match and making gentle love under the starry sky, others may fantasize about chains, whips, and ropes being used on them in the darkness of the sex dungeon that is hidden in their neighbor’s basement. And these are all perfectly legit.

Either way, we tried to compile the list of some of the best erotic books of all times, but we are perfectly aware these might not be suitable for all tastes. Still, what all these books have in common is that they are written brilliantly and will certainly please different types of literary gourmets. Read on…

Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill (1988)

Gaitskill boasts an impeccable skill when it comes to representing the world of BDSM, slaves, and dominatrixes, as well as the pleasure and pain deriving from it. Consequently, Bad Behavior allows us to delve into the gloomy yet appealing world of brutal kink and different kind of erotica that is certainly capable of igniting all our senses.

Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson (1992)

The interesting fact about Written on the Body is that the main protagonist is the narrator at the same time, but they don’t have a specific gender or a name, while the subject of their love and passion is a complex and strange married woman. This implies that the novel revolves around the idea of genderqueer or perhaps a transgender dating. Either way, it remarkably depicts a sexual affair, alternately taking on the philosophical and purely erotic forms of literary expression.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera (1984)

This amazing novel is centered around the emotional and erotic lives of four couples that will definitely stimulate both your brain and your physical senses. What is also unique about this novel whose fable takes place just before the Prague Spring is that a reader gets to attend rapid successions of the most peculiar moments happening between the couples, as well as the opportunity to see how those resonate in reality.

Couples by John Updike (1968)

This novel takes place in a small town in Massachusetts, where a group of friends indulges in all sorts of sexual escapades that are filled with craving and lust. Updike also proved to be immensely skilled in constructing the melodramatic literary frame that celebrates the sexual revolution.

Endless Love by Scott Spencer (1979)

With Endless Love, Spencer introduced us to the mesmerizing world of two protagonists that share the love so intense that it ultimately becomes dangerous. Moreover, we get to witness the sexual impulses becoming so strong that are basically on the borderline with possible. Further, what makes Endless Love so appealing is that it doesn’t hesitate to tackle everything from obsession and sadness to period sex, just to mention a few.

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov (1955)

This is certainly one of the most controversial erotic novels of all times since it depicts dark obsession of an elderly male for a much younger woman. Still, the novel is clearly more than this as it allows its readers to enjoy masterful wordplay. On the other hand, taboo themes have always attracted people from all walks of life so there’s no wonder that Lolita enjoys a tremendous literary success, even to this very day.

Outlander, Diana Galbaldon (1991)

This is actually not a novel, but a series of books (eight, to be precise) that feature handsome Scottish men, historical fiction and – more handsome Scottish men. The books remain highly popular even 27 years after the original publishing date due to their erotic plots that cause high levels of addiction.

Forever, Judy Blume (1975)

Blume’s book was rated controversial back in the day and thus banned from many school libraries. This timeless erotic classic dealt with many delicate subjects such as exploring the adolescence sexuality and first time-sex and is still pretty popular among younger audience thirsty for primal erotic revelations.

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