Dating Advice – Don't Forget Your Foreplay

We live in a world where dating and hooking up is only a few online messages away. Sure you can still go out to try to meet new partners, but the truth is that it is a lot easier and faster to use dating sites. People get together all the time by using the internet, it is now the most popular method of dating. However, just because things are being made easier doesn’t mean that you have to treat sex lightly; it is not a commodity and you can’t just take your partner’s pleasure for granted. We’re only saying that because things are so easy that you might just forget your essentials; and it always starts with foreplay.

romantic foreplay

It’s important

Foreplay is a little bit like sitting down in a restaurant and ordering a few drinks to get started with, along with a few appetizers. You basically take the time to introduce yourself, you set the atmosphere before attacking the main course. When we translate that to sex, it is basically a great way to get things started, you take your time and you focus on making your partner comfortable whilst also getting yourself in the mood. When you meet someone online on a sex dating site like, the two of you will have to get at ease with each other before you move to the real deal. Furthermore, foreplay is a great way to pace things, take it easy at first so you don’t just rush in there and climax too soon.

Getting naked

It all starts there, and it is important that two people are comfortable being naked in front of each other. Not everyone is happy with their own body, so this makes them ill at ease to get those clothes off. By spending time looking at each other’s naked bodies, you allow the two of you to relax and get into the right mood. Look at each other, touch each other, and caress each other. Just enjoy the beauty of nakedness and put some of that pressure off your shoulders; you’re just a couple of adults having a good time.

Massages, caresses and more

Once you start getting closer to each other, you can press your bodies against each other, place your hand on each other’s chest and feel each other’s heartbeat going through the roof. Your two bodies are getting hot, really hot. You can start touching each other, starting from top going towards the bottom; until you start reaching each other’s more intimate sections of your body. If you see your partner is still very nervous, how about a little massage? It can start on the shoulders, going down slowly along the back. There are many places the body can be managed, it can also be the hands and feet; the only limit is your imagination.

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sex foreplay

No need to be an expert

Foreplay is a lot about intentions and creating a relaxing and pleasurable environment for sex. Sure it helps if you have technique, but the best technique is to just take your time and do things progressively. Don’t just attack someone with your fingers straight away; as penetration isn’t really the focus here. Instead see it more as warming up a meal; you’re just having a few drinks to open your appetite. Now we know that not all sex acts start with foreplay, sometimes people just want to get on with the business and that works too as long as the two people are on the same page. But you don’t want to make a habit of that or else you might start neglecting that important aspect of sex. But in any case, you don’t need to be an expert, just practice your foreplay and you will get very good at it. So do it for your partner and do it for yourself; only good can come out of it!

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