CalExotics Body & Soul Connection

by Ava Mir-Ausziehen

Lately it seems like every new vibrator I see is shaped like some adolescent vision of an alien sea creature or a close up rendition of a microbe. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to see that toy creators are thinking outside of the ‘shove huge pylons up your vag’ box, coming up with unique designs that don’t only trigger new sensations, but trigger us to think about our bodies in a new way.

The Body & Soul Connection vibe is no different. This little pink pod (also comes in blue) has two rounded nubs at the end, allowing you to nearly encase your clitoris in a buzzing embrace.

Slap on a little lube and you can run the length of your clit and hood in between the ends, sliding up and down to create a really intriguing, slippery tease. Or, pinch the nubs directly around your clit for high intensity. The engine behind this little device is powerful, and comes with 10 different vibe functions from steady buzzing to pulsing to patterns and more.

Like I said, toys like this inspire me to experiment. You can put both nubs inside you (although the noise of the buzz gets louder and really bizarre, almost echoing, and didn’t help me dispose of the alien sea creature vision one bit). I tried pinching my perineum (the space between your pussy and bumhole) with the two ends and that made for an interesting feel. You can also use it quite nicely on your nipples, or really any small part of the body – think earlobes, lips (all of them), or fingertips and toes.

The base has a flat end, so you can set this on a hard surface and it will stand upright, which helps keep it from getting dirty or dusty if you put it aside mid-play. It’s made of silicone, is water proof, and takes 2 little AAA batteries. A single button operates all the functions – one push to turn it on, another push to rotate through all the vibe patterns, and to turn it off you simply hold the button down for a few seconds. This makes it easy to operate, but a wee bit frustrating if you find a pattern you like and accidentally hit the button, forcing you to rotate through all 10 settings again to get back to where you were. But the patterns are fun, and their teasing nature – slow and steady crescendos, pulses, and the like – hold true to the toy’s tagline: “Life, Love and Lust… Set aside time to embrace your body & soul”. While I don’t know about my soul, my body was embracing it for sure.

Overall this is a well-made toy that offers a unique clitoral sensation that few other toys I’ve seen can imitate and at 47$ the CalExotics Body & Soul is reasonably priced and definitely worth a try.