About Ann Oui

ann-ouiAnn Oui is a longtime contributor to AVN.com and various other entertainment news outlets and magazines, and is a regular news and op-ed contributor for Sssh.com. Her writing style is always fresh, entertaining and at times provocative.

Born in Vietnam, Ann’s father, Jacques Oui, was a high ranking French delegate with international degrees in political science and Sichuan cuisine who married into an aristocratic Vietnamese family before being summarily executed in the waning days of France’s colonial war with North Vietnamese communists. The execution was later deemed to be a mistake, however, the result of a gambling debt gone tragically wrong.

When Ann was five, her mother, Dung Oui, who also had sired a son with Jacques, fled the country in despair, settling first in Mozambique and then in Cambridge, Massachussets, where she opened a French-Vietnamese restaurant mere steps from the bustling activity of Harvard Square. She never remarried.

Ann assimilated easily and eventually matriculated at Harvard University, where she majored in English and minored in the Philosophy of Sexual Perversions. After moving to New York following graduation, where she attended acting classes with the great Sanford Meisner, she eventually made her way to the West Coast, where she appeared in a series of plays at Equity waiver theaters throughout the city before abandoning acting to become a porn scribe.

A connoisseur of pornorgraphy and all other forms of sexual licentiousness, Ann has been asked repeatedly to throw off her natural timidity and appear before the camera, but she has thus far resisted temptation, preferring to remain behind the scenes, observing and reporting rather than participating. Time will tell if her will power continues to prevail.